U.S. government restructuring?

I understand quite a few people don’t find Sylvia Browne to be a credible psychic; please realize no psychic is always accurate (in her defense).  Sylvia passed not too long ago and here are some of the thing she said would take place.  Special attention to:  “15 –  There will be no US Presidency; our government will go back to a Greek Senate structure.”  I fee that this prediction will begin to manifest itself as early as 2020 if not sooner, and our executive branch or the government in general may undergo an overhaul.  We may see a situation where executive powers change – or is dispersed between more people as it is now – or possibly, the Senate is restructured to be apart of the executive branch in a way where the U.S. leader would be the leader of the Senate.  I’m not sure how this may come about except to say it should be done peacefully and the correct channels should be utilized to facilitate tangible change.  Millennials may play a significant role in causing this to happen with their increasing unhappiness of where their generation is at and the opportunities that continue to shrink.  I hope all of you are happy , healthy, and whole!  Have a nice week!.

Source:  Sylvia Browne, the next 100 years


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  1. I have been seeing the word “greek” a lot and the number “15” but thought nothing of it.Even my dream about my greek past life kept coming up.Hearing people mentioning ancient greece, and someone talking about “Hermes” and his writings.It’s a sign.Perhaps there’s a sign/message in his literature.Sylvia may have pointed something that leads to something even bigger.

    Something similar to ancient greece times are coming, and I think it may be more than a reformed greek senate.Thanks for making this post.

  2. I completely agree with you; also feel very strongly more Greek scrolls and ancient tablets will be discovered, just to go missing sometime soon after.

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