near future

I had a dream and in dream I was in deep meditation and suddenly I had a strange vision: I saw myself driving my van in a big big freeway with billion cars with my family and also another family sitting in my car(usually they need help and I help them). All cars are forced to stopped and no one could drive. I got off my car to see what is going on. I saw in far there were a lot of soldiers coming towards to us. I wanted to ask when and I heard “NEAR FUTURE”. Everything were stopped and frozen. My cell phone ringed and I took the call and someone talked to me and said will be passed but be patient. All this scene happened very fast in my meditation in my dream and it was very clear.

3 thoughts on “near future

  1. Do you know where you were? What state, city, island or Country, and do you know what “Time” you were in? I have dreams, but they give me lots of details, I notice the attire and dress of the people, the model and year of cars, and the Look of the military, What nationality did they look? You could be a SEER of others Lives, and places. Any more details you remember? There is a old movie I recently saw called “Deep Impact” and it has a scene like what you are describing.

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