An upcoming Artist

Last night, before bed, I saw what seemed to be a afro-latino or middle-eastern male artist.He had black short hair, a black mustache, and a strong build.

His art was like a sculpture or a paper mache of creatures.His art was unique or significant in some way. He made a sculpture of an alien head with what seemed to be a painted cardboard on the side of it’s head.I also saw this spooky sculpt/paper mache of these zombies with skeletal faces standing up.Either they were zombies or ancient Pompeii victims with their bodies melted.He made different kinds of bizarre creatures.

3 thoughts on “An upcoming Artist

  1. This almost reminds me of the early 1990 movie “Puppet Masters”. This was a phenomenal movie and really opened up the mind to the creativity to art as it related to different characters designed by the same hand! The meaning i’m afraid is beyond my reach though. Anyone else got any idea here to help us out?

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