Prediction: Obama’s Immigration Nightmare




I predict Obama’s recent secretive actions about opening USA immigration will become the greatest scandals of our time.   We are just starting to see the nightmare of what is being unleashed upon us due to the hundreds of thousands of people with diseases and the the homeless people being unleashed upon us.  The drugs, the cartels and the ‘terrorists’ are coming our way.  The people regarding our laws and ushering in these people will be held accountable.  They are trying to hide it but its amazing and not helping anyone.  They are acting like anyone opposing their secrets are racist but this is absolutely insane, never seen in the history of any civilized country.  The open boarder suddenly inflicted upon the USA will e used to steal our freedoms and destroy the Constitution.  I predict that militias and other rogue groups will resist and there is a possibility of violence especially since our Mexican “friends in government’ are openly responding in violence now.  Most people are blissfully unaware of what is going on because the government is trying so hard to not publicize their new open boarder program sponsored by FEMA and the NWO government occupiers.  I see disease, terrorism (FAKE) and gangs (like I warned).  Nothing good will come from this creepy new development of craziness.  This isn’t about humanitarian rights but they will keep lying to us and acting like somehow it is trying to help people.  This is part of their NWO plan and is sick and toxic to humanity.  Why would they bus into our country hundreds of thousands of the poorest dependent unskilled government dependents and think we would believe it is helping us?  Government employees dealing with these people will continue to quit, rebel and whistleblow and get diseases which will become plagues.  Expect an influx in diseases which were formerly uncommon in the USA.  This move from the NWO is a subversive attack from on the USA which only works in their favor.  The resistance is only starting and will increase.  I see Texans leading the resistance.  Also, as illegal immigration gains strength and open boarders are more obvious I see a growing resistance among citizens horrified they are being groped while traveling and treated like terrorists: ie why is homeland security sticking their hands down our pants looking for bombs in the diapers of our babies when the boarders are wide open?  Its a huge shame.  Even the last two times I traveled internationally they did this to me.  Once, I was taken into a special room where they probed my pregnant belly to determine if it was a baby or a bomb hiding in my pregnant stomach and bra.  The next time they investigated Fefe’s sixth month old diaper to determine if there was a bomb hidden inside.  Really?  I am a home born citizen and get treated like this while traveling while the boarders are wide open.  I was polite but I see more people will not be polite. Rumors of executive actions loom, read here.

One thought on “Prediction: Obama’s Immigration Nightmare

  1. The same thing has been happening here for years. Our previous government opened our boarders to asylum seekers, and have let thousands and thousands of boat people in, including terrorists. They are getting twice the amount of money than the pensioners are $1500.00 a week and have been set up in public housing, and have been given preference over our own homeless Aussies. They’ve been given preference over Australians for our jobs, and have brought endless diseases and viruses into the country, so the pharmaceutical companies are making a killing. Finally the only thing decent that Abbott has done was to stop the boats. Which they say has happened, but they are still coming. Emigrants have flooded our country, and i’m sorry to say this but they breed like flies, and the crime rate has skyrocketed. Now with whats going on in Iraq, a lot of them are leaving here to go and fight the jhard crap, and then will be coming back here to use their terrorist skills to take over. The government has said they will not allow them back in, but they can’t stop them coz they’ve been granted Australian citizenship. Welcome to our world…

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