Our Pope: Someone To Listen Carefully 2 Right Now



I have mixed feelings about the current pope but I am getting strong feeling he will be resisting the NWO more and more very soon.  He’s someone to listen careful to and maybe it is because his health is failing despite what mainstream media suggests, Here.    I predict many more interesting  statements from the current pontiff in the next coming months.  I suggest you pay special attention to what he has to say, its very important.  He is pitting himself against some very evil forces right now.  He will increase in his rethoric and interesting moral revelations.   I see him taking a harder stance for moral human rights, a very good thing.  Stay tuned to his messages.  I feel they represent a certain conflict in the elites and he is gathering a negative cloud of energy due to his recent statements for the good.  He is a bane in their power structure and they wish to eliminate this problem but he is 2 powerful to conquer.  They might try an assassination if he keeps up his rethoric which is a very bad sign.  I think his health is in question and his response is political stances which are unpopular but morally correct.  Pay attention to his upcoming statements because they will reveal important things.  Further, I predict a movement in the Roman Catholic Church against the NWO agenda.   I see protests, rebellion from this faction.  Religion vs unjust laws.


UPDATE: On June 29th there was an article about the Pope’s recent statement that communists stole the Christian flag, see here.  I did ponder the emails that my friends sent about the Pope but for whatever reason I am going to keep this prediction.  It is already unfolding as he made another statement since I posted this prediction.  He will continue to make statements that are very interesting and anti NWO.

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  1. Very interesting post. But, you’re showing a photo of Benedict XVI, but you’re discussing Francis.

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