Obama’s Increasing Insanity; He Wants Your Panties



Goodness, our dear leader Obama took a break from golfing.  He put down his ice cream cone and decided to address an important issue for our country: panties, read here.   At first when I read this article headline that Obama wants our panties I pictured him creeping around stealing women’s panties and keeping them in his old Care Bear metal lunch box so he can sniff them at night when the moon is full.  Ok, he might be a suspected panty pervie, but the article is about asking Americans to send their ‘gently used’ panties so they can be handed out to sudden surge of diseased and homeless illegal immigrants which are being bussed into our open boarders secretly by the thousands everyday.  I like how Obama says that if we donate our panties he won’t need to use tax money to buy them panties.

I made a prediction years ago that Obama will be protested and dislike of him will increase.  This prediction is still obviously valid but I want to add to it now.  Obama is letting in these illegals to create an upcoming Hitler type Youth Core .  I think he is also letting them in for the following reasons: 1. impoverish the USA, 2. Vote away the guns, 3. create a massive social problem with disease and homelessness so they can create more socialist programs, 4. open the border for ‘terrorists’  so they can false flag us and offer their solutions/agenda, 5. let in gang cartels to promote violence so they can increase the police state, 6. race division; encourage La Raza, 7. create a government ‘family’ instead of our family units because they are totally dependent, 8. unite countries into their NWO with open boarders, 9. disease epidemics which would hide their use of bio-weapons, 10. create a public outcry for more government programs/a demand for government help.

Another thought I have is that perhaps Obama is being thrown under the bus and is getting more outrageous and overt with his insanity as he goes down.  I predict from now until the end of his term (If he makes it) that news regarding his actions will be more insane/ridiculous by the week.  I still think his executive actions will get more outrageous as well.  Politicians in the USA and worldwide will continue to call Obama to task for his unjust actions against human rights (crimes against humanity) internationally and at home.  I see this will come to a bad point in 2015 when he gets more aggressive with Iraq and the Middle East.  There will be uproar/protests (different kinds) about his choices at home and internationally and a growing lack of support as even those close to him throw him under the bus.  The media is turning on him as well and will continue to turn on him.  Media personalities will continue to retire and be replaced as they struggle to stay relevant.  Their attacks against free speech and the net will continue but be resisted more overtly.

Well when you read that Obama wants your panties that has to just crack you up to no end!  The entire subject is not funny whatsoever but the focus on panties just typifies the insanity.






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