Cryptic Dream




I had a dream last night I don’t understand.  It was very clear and seemed significant so I am posting it.  Maybe someone can help me with the meaning of this or in time it will make sense.  I wrote it down immediately upon waking and am sure I got the numbers right.  This dream was a series of things that I can’t see how they relate.  Here are the things I saw in this order; they are a series of 7:

1. 5187

2. Austin, TX: Act of God in Austin.  God is in Austin. Watch Austin, the model UN city and capital of Texas.

3. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (The capital of Saudi); something comes from Riyadh

4. 8113

5. Pre-emptive

6. 17

7. Nearby



I am trying to google this and I don’t know if this relates but I see there is a UNITED Flight 5187 that comes and goes from Austin and is international, see here.

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