NWO Fixation With Eating Toilet Contents!





I warned about this on Knowthenext and I see it in the news again recently, HERE.  I have had dreams about this and googled to find all kinds of articles about technology geared to make people eat/drink recycled toilet contents as some kind of disgusting ‘green movement.’  I wonder, is there nothing that American’s won’t get guilted into accepting under the guise of a ‘green movement’?  I suggest you research these disgusting developments and organize rejection movements.  It is like some kind of macabre, gross and unacceptable movement from the NWO (pun intended).  If people complain they say its a conspiracy but it needs to be an immediate conversation that is rejected before they usher this one out upon us.  I don’t even see people really conversing that much about it.  This is simply not the answer or solution to their fake created problems.  It’s like an ultimate Satanic trick upon humanity.  I feel they want us to eat these things, along with adding dead baby additives into sodas and make up and other products as part of their disturbing agenda and it is so unbelievable.   Roman Catholics have been organizing rejections of the fetal tissue into our cosmetics and food and are largely dismissed as hallucinating these additives.  I have written about this on other blogs for years.  I encourage research into the Pepsi company.  I suppose they have scripted that the slave class will gladly eat toilet contents and dead baby materials.  I expect more headlines about this until finally whistleblowers and protesters terminate this agenda.  It is really gross we live in an age where this would be allowed to persist and the conversation would be suppressed.  Really?