More Anti-Hoarding Laws/Confiscation; Need to Prepare




This is a friendly reminder of my warnings about more anti-hoarding legislation and future food/goods confiscations.  I think anyone who has even the slightest sense about them feels the need to gather supplies in anticipation of upcoming problems.  They will continue to increase legislation and regulation about hoarding of food and ammo s in an attempt to make everyone dependent so they can control during a crisis.  They fantasize door to door confiscations and have test run this during hurricanes and other disasters.  Today is the day to start preparing if you didn’t do this already.  Food prices will only rise from here; shortages are pending; economic collapse is pending; war is pending.  My advice is start with huge bags of rice and powdered milk.  I don’t mean to scare anyone but just read the news, each day it is more insane and will increase in insanity from now.  Power is being prepared and having knowledge.  Take the power which is yours.