Increasing Police Brutality: Women, Elderly, Handicapped, Kids BEWARE




I mentioned this two years ago but it is still valid.  There is a continuing increase in increasing police brutality worldwide, especially in the USA.  The targets are women, elderly, handicapped, kids and teens.  You will continue to see daily reports on more and more insane police violence.  Be especially careful of the chance that you can be a victim if you protest.  I am not saying not to protest but to be vigilant when you exercise your God given rights you will encounter a very evil force that is empowered by this terrible system which will not make them accountable.  At the same time this is also increasing the heroic Oath Keepers as the good people are horrified by police violence against innocent.  I see this police violence as actually empowering and invigorating the Oath Keepers among the police.  Truly there are so many wonderful police and most are potential heroes while only a small minority are these vomitus beasts.



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