Homeland Security: America’s Standing Army Will Be Violent

homeland security



Homeland security has become a threatening force against citizens as it is an illegal standing army for the NWO.  Let us call it what it really is.  Further, I see in my visions that they plan violence against the American people.  They will increase in violence and horrific acts of injustice.  You will see more headlines, if they are reported until there is a climax and everyone sees them for what they really are; Welcome to the Post-Modern Natzi Homeland Security Standing Army.  They don’t help Americans.  They molest and harass and enforce evil agendas.  The boarders are wide open right now and they usher sick, homeless, unskilled, violent cartel members into our country while pretending to stop terrorists in my underwear at the airport, as if Al-CIA-DA hides in my panties.






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