Another Dream of Civil War



My dream last night:

I was told that I needed to go through a stack of stories of people who had been heroes in the upcoming Civil War.  In my dream the war had happened and was over and had resolved favorably due  heroes in this stack of people I was going through.  I was looking at stories and photos and they were amazing.  There were many people who had done great things and lots of interesting stories.  The people were from every walk of life, every ethnicity, every level of education and both men/women.  There was widespread rebellion in the troops/police and lots of whistleblowers.  I was told I had to choose 13 heroes for an upcoming event where they were going to get Purple Hearts.  I was supposed to write their stories and make a presentation for the Purple Heart presentation event.  The first one I choose was an African-American lady who stood out to me as very significant and important in the Civil War.  I don’t recall her name but she was very tall and had an oval shaped face.  She was middle aged and thin and had her hair tied in a bun or tight to her head and had a huge smile and perfect teeth.  Her skin was dark.  I don’t have a clue who this person might be but I think it is worth looking for her if Civil War does break out in our country; she is some kind of beacon of hope and a sign that the elites are defeated.  Someone came to me and said:  “it is important that you write their stories and remember them, their courage and heroic acts.  You understand as you write their stories that they wrote their own stories.  They created their own life stories.  We are all authors of our own stories, the stories of our lives and we can write whatever outcomes we want to create.  The Civil War resolved in our favor because we wrote the ending.  The evil ones wanted to write a different story, to control the narrative.  They wanted us to behave as puppets and feel we are actors trapped in stories they wrote.  We remembered our power in being authors; they can’t be authors for humanity because it isn’t their role.  We are all authors and look what a good story we wrote recently as you read the stores of the Civil War heroes.”  In my dream this seemed like such a huge epiphany and I was overwhelmed with the stories I was reading, the amazing acts of love and courage for the sake of human rights/freedom.  Then someone said something I don’t understand: “Net-coin, Fatigue/s, The Jackson Project.  I googled and net-coin is obviously an online currency, here is their website.  I don’t know if this has something to do with their desire make all currency digital?  This is interesting, I just googled the Jackson Project and read this about “Hermantown’s Jackson Project was a part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s plan to bring the country back from the depression that gripped the nation. The Jackson Project is one of the most successful of the approximately 100 subsistence communities that the government financed. Building of the 83 homes began in June of 1936. All but one of them still exist. The Hermantown Historical Society published a book dedicated to the project, the people who built it and the people who settled it.”  I swear to Jesus I have never heard of this.  I might have unknowingly heard of Netcoin but I don’t pay attention to digital currencies and am more familiar with Bitcoin.  I am not sure if they said ‘fatigue’ as in tired or ‘fatigues’ as in army uniforms.  I don’t know what these three words have to do with each other?  Is it some kind of warning that in this Civil War their answer to the economic collapse is that they digitalize currency and try to put people in government run houses/neighborhoods using the military?  If anyone understands the three words better than I do please explain this to me.  All I can say is I wasn’t even clear if the three words “Net-coin, Fatigue/s, the Jackson Project” was something that was good or bad really.  I don’t know- someone just said those three words like a very loud scream and then I woke up wondering what they even are.  I never read about or learned about the Jackson Project so in my mind I was thinking about Michael Jackson lolol!  -FEFELOVE XXX


2 thoughts on “Another Dream of Civil War

  1. I met a young man 4 yrs ago, he was 17 at the time. He had a Gift. He told me his Mother was going to be a leader of a great amount of people, When the Time comes, She will lead many people to fight and survive. He told me that I had to help her (to be her Protector-Guardian) His mother was 35 and a wild and premiscous woman, Who refused to believe her son. We no longer speak, She was too much for me to reform. Her name was Danci , I was left with the thought of What does it mean. I was also told, that a Comet would wipe out half of the United States and everyone will be on there own. Survival mode for all. I will be taking in a small black child who will be left without a family. I don’t know. Sometimes I still wonder.

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