A Female Ice-Skater Who Transforms the Sport



I was an international/national competitive ice-skater when I grew up and then was a coach for many years.  I know, I had 9 concussions and broke my tail bone five times and my jaw once.  Only the insane love ice-skating.  The above photo is my favorite student; my mini-me.  I had a dream about the future of ice-skating and posted it on knowthenext but want to remind everyone of it here.  I see a girl who wins the olympics; she invents at least one move which is a fusion of yoga and ice-skating.  She creates a program which opens ice-skating up so that poor talented kids have a chance to compete internationally.  She develops off ice skating yoga and she also has a facility for practicing moves on a synthetic ice carpet which isn’t the one they have now but she helps perfect into something much more like ice.  That is my favorite student again below:IMG_0634



She was in my dream again last night.  Specifically she incorporates yoga poses into a lot of transitions between moves.  She likes yoga binding.  Also she extends a lot of skating moves into yoga positions.  Last night her music sounded like futuristic Ravi Shankar and she had another breakthrough where she incorporated fusion tribal belly dancing into her program as well.  It was very interesting and beautiful like a yoga skating Rachael Brice.  If you haven’t seen Rachael Brice (belly dancer) she is worth is, unique in her own genre:

rachel brice


4 thoughts on “A Female Ice-Skater Who Transforms the Sport

  1. Beautiful Girl! How wonderful to have so much grace. I am a TOTAL KLUTZ. No coordination. If there is a hole to fall in or something to trip over (including my own shoes) I will find it! But I did love ice skating on the lake in my childhood .Very happy memories. Fefe..you CRACK ME UP…Wow nine concussions? I love the “totally insane” part. Our minds are wired for certain things.No stopping it! It is like acting for me. I love acting more than ANYTHING but what a crazy lifestyle? Nice work if you can get it. HERE IS TO THE ARTS…and Ice Skating is my favorite part of the olympics. Hope this vision comes true for you!

    • I fall while walking too. I spill every cup I touch. Half the time some article of clothing on me is inside out. Sometimes when teaching skating I would be standing at the wall not even moving then somehow I would fall down like a tard. I live in fear somehow I will be in front of my students now and either fart or drool or worst case somehow fart and drool at the same time …

  2. OMG! I PUT ON CLOTHES INSIDE OUT ALL THE TIME! People are always lauhing at me. I also spill food all over myself. I try to act refined (especially in a formal setting) but OF COURSE I spill food. FELL OFF A BARSTOOL IN A RESTARAUNT BEFORE I EVEN HAD A DRINK! I also LOSE STUFF ALL THE TIME. So glad I am not alone….Also cannot spell worth crap…spelling makes no sense to me.

    • Then there is the awkward and disgusting moment at a bar when somehow u accidentally take a sip of a drink your friend put her cigarette butt into…

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