War on Food/Water/Knowledge



I had a dream last night which was a warning about food/water  shortages and knowledge manipulation.  In my dream Sinead O’Conner’s song ‘Famine’ was playing.  I will include it below.  I was watching a documentary about the so called “Irish Potato Famine” which wasn’t really a famine just the elites in England shipping the food off to England and controlling the education of the Irish in order to destroy their culture and impoverish them.  Someone explained that this same pattern of controlling the food/water and making some kind of shortage or unavailability is about to happen worldwide, worse in some areas than others.  This person explained what happened in Ireland with the fake famine will happen here (The USA) and worldwide in many places, spreading from one place to another.  The food prices will be insane and some areas will not have food at all.  They will use this time to control the knowledge of what is going on and when they control the food/water they control everything; They have done this before and they had a small taste of success in Ireland and that was like a test run for what is about to happen.  They always repeat their same manipulations of society because they are effective sciences they have created.  Their programs for control have been proven though time and they control education to keep the real story hidden.  Food riots, food revolutions….





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