The Liberation of the Middle East


About two nights ago, I had a vision about the 2020’s. I’ve had these visions before, but this was one more intense than previous insights into this promised future. On this particular night, I had a vision about how cultural norms are going to change in most parts of the world. The west will see sharp divisions between prehistoric barbaric engagement and beautiful flourishings of social progress. If you want to know where these will specifically happen, I will share those at another time. Until then, I wanted to mention that the most stunning and drastic progressions forward for humanity will occur, ironically, in the modern Middle East.

After the fall of Iran and Iraq in late 2016, a two year bloody war will see nine million men and women dead in its midst. Wanting to shed behind the sorrow, suffering and pain of the past, the people of nations in the entire region will seek escape in radical liberalism that will make the culture of our time in the west seem tame in comparison. It will be a Muslim form of the renaissance.

Women will shed and sometimes burn their burqas in protest of their treatment under sharia law. They will be sexually promiscuous, having as many as ninety partners over the course of their lifetimes. They will be the most highly educated women in the world, especially after Malala Yousafzai’s successful return to Pakistan in 2018.

On the flip side, men will become more openly gay and bisexual with the long hidden secrets of sexual infidelity shed away in favor of more open relationships. While masculinity will still be a valued trait, men will be more open about their feelings, show more compassion to their fellow man and bring more generosity to nation’s suffering in need.

From darkness shall come light. Though the rebellions against their elders will take extreme hold at times for the forty million plus millennials in this part of the world, there will also be moderations put in place to keep these extremes in check. That is what the future will be like for nations in such poverty and pain at this current time.