Nightmare About the Middle East/ Israel




I had a very bad nightmare last night about the Middle East. I was looking at photos and scenes with narration and it was very disturbing.  At first I was holding this Arabic calligraphy necklace I wear everyday and I saw the bombing of the store where I bought it and the death of the man who died (this already happened in Beruit, Lebanon this past year).  Someone was screaming for us to get out family out of Beruit and there were car bombs everywhere and fires.  Someone said “Sham changes forever” and I saw the words “terror” and “fear” in arabic.  If you don’t know Sham is an old Arabic word for the old united area of Syria/Lebanon/Jordan/Palestine.  In my dream masked people were changing Sham somehow.  I don’t know if they were trying to restore it to Sham or what exactly but there were bodies everywhere, Christian and Muslim, women and children and many men.  There were piles of bodies and people mourning and they were collecting them near or in Mosques mostly.   I saw beautiful buildings, soulks, museums, shops, fancy places to eat….all ransacked and bombed.  Some people were running toward mountains and trying to hide.  There was some kind of mass murder that was very upsetting and they were going from town to town, city to city, nation to nation.  Then I saw Israel and some sort of extermination geared at the Zionists complete with what I thought was a nuke.  There was a lot of blood in my dream and looking at the scenes I felt like I was choking sometimes.  I saw people jumping from a big pretty building like a castle in, I think Saudi (I have had this image in my dreams before).  Someone said “Israel and the Middle East has not seen something like this before, everything changes forever.”  Everything was very war torn looking and then I woke up and was still sad and disturbed by such violent, bloody destructive images in my mind.