Repeating Pattern: Bombs in NY, ISIS, Al-CIA-DA




I notice patterns and they occur in dreams and photos in my head.  Often I look for confirmation in the news.  This prediction is new and I am not sure it is fully formed or I even understand it yet but I will put it out there and update it as I understand it better.  I had dreams of false flag bombings in certain major cities, especially New York.  I have felt I am looking at places and trying to take photos to remember how they look.  I predicted a lot about my fears of bombs.  Now, this is confirmed by loads of missing nukes, including suitcase bombs out of Russia among others.  I combine this idea with our sudden ‘open boarders’ which could let anyone inside our country, including people with bombs.  Al-CIA-DA, Russia and North Korea have all overtly threatened to bomb us and put out their anti-American propaganda.  Obama, Lindsay Graham and others have made public statements that they fear a terrorist bomb, especially in a big city, especially in New York.  I am not including links to all of this, its obvious if you google it.  Also, all liberty lovers who are awake understand that the ‘war of terror’ is fake and in fact a series of false flags designed to usher in a New World Order where they crave a huge war to bring order from chaos and will stop at nothing to try to achieve their evil agenda.  Here is what really disturbs me- ISIS, the sudden new terror organization has a disturbing name.  Isis links to the Eye of Horus and that is Illuminati/ NWO language/symbolism.  What I keep seeing in my mind is that they overtly named their new NWO agenda bringing, murderous, evil, love of innocent suffering, war mongering, corrupted satanist terror group the perfect ancient name which signified their deep rooted evil tradition and reflects all their recent creepy obvious rituals.  So, I think it is entirely possible there will be a false flag bombing in several US cities, possibly New York and they will say Isis has teamed up with patriots or some group they don’t like.  This fear of mine is supported if you google ‘ISIS Attack USA’ and an emerging surplus of articles from mainstream media suggest ISIS eyeing the USA, see here.  These will increase.  I am in a major city and understand the consequences of a possible false flag nearby.  I think they are opening the boarders is part of a carefully designed plan to then create a series of problems, including their fake terrorism as they will claim ISIS homegrown terrorists returned through open boarders and executed a 911 quality attack (or worse?), as this truly disturbing article suggests, see here.   In response to their created chaos they will begin more of a development of their NWO wet dream to unite countries/eliminate boarders and control everything.  I still don’t see this as successful because we all know that the NWO elites are behind every bit of so called terrorism.  We know who the terrorists are and they are not veterans, troops, patriots, gun owners, human rights advocates, etc.  The have been touting their idiotic lies so long I am starting to think they believe that everyone else willb believe them.   They have gotten absurd and greedy and have excelled their sick plans.  I hope when they execute their false flags people rise up and march for justice, that the true authors of these deeds are dragged out of their dark satanic bunkers and into the light.  I can’t believe they have been allowed to get this far, but anger and awareness is rising.  Of course, I am for non-violent resistance. justice and peace.  These elites are for bombs, war and chaos so they can create a problem-solution.  We see, we understand.  Your toxins didn’t dumb everyone down to the point that we can’t understand your obvious agenda.  You won’t get away with this.