Dreams Warning Against Hillary Clinton 2016



I mentioned this recurring dream I have had since Obama was last elected that the NWO wants Hillary for president in 2016.  I know some of my psychic friends disagree with me but this keeps coming to me so I am going to mention it again.  They wish to keep their overtly socialist, destructive NWO plan for the USA in place.  I think the elections are rigged with the number of dead voters and voter fraud.  We have a royalty and there isn’t even a two-party system just a nasty elitist puppet royalty.  They think because they can sell Hillary because she is a woman but she is a known terrorist and criminal; she associates with terrorists and before she was the queen she dedicated her life to defending child molesters and child rapists.  Her recent flop of a book tour is a sorry attempt to convince people that we all love her.  The media hypes her and they put out fake university studies that she is the most popular woman in the world; she even made Forbes as one of the most influential women.  All the signs are here that they want her in the white house, see here.  I think from my total fearful nightmares that she has the ability to step into the presidency and become the next Hitler.  Her propaganda even looks like Hitler.  As a female I am totally disgusted that any woman would see this child-molestation-rapist defending horror as part of women’s liberation, see here.  I don’t know how they can overcome her legally defending and getting off a known child molester/rapist who raped a 12 year old girl so badly that she is infertile her whole life and as the tapes show she is proud of this accomplishment and even laughs pompously like the satanist that she is.  I also see them wanting to set up her daughter Chelsea or Michielle Obama if they get their way.  These people are not helping women or anyone, they are evil.  Rand Paul or Ted Cruz would be much better, they stand for true freedom and I say this as a liberated female.  Let us all pray for our country against these terrible bloodlines who want to destroy us.  Possibly, being woman isn’t enough they might try to sell her to people as the first woman lesbian president.  FYI I am in favor of all human rights and would love to see a female lesbian libertarian in office.  However, I am not fooled by this satanist NWO puppet creeper Hillary Clinton.  Her husband is a known rapist who tortures woman by biting their lips and raping them and has paid his way out of many court cases.  She will not elevate women, men, LBGT rights or any decent cause.  I was horrified the other day when I got a phone call wondering if I might vote for her.  Of course the hell not and I hope you are not taken by the propaganda because maybe your heart is int the right place.  Idk if we elected or he was just put in office, an African-American Socialist who would make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. roll in his grave.  I am so disgusted these NWO satanists manipulate people’s emotions and parade around like they uphold ethical positions but really they just have the satanist agenda.  M. Scott Peck wrote in his book ‘People of the Lie’ that the greatest trick of Satan is that he lies and it works because people believe the lies.  Don’t believe the lies.





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