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The past several days I have been researching and pondering giants in myths, folklore, cultures, religious texts and archeological discoveries.  The subject of giants has sometimes come up in my field and I always dismissed them as imagination due to use of language; I dismissed the giants in the Bible as having exaggerated ages and sizes due to the lack of the superlative in Ancient Hebrew.  By lack of superlative I mean their language lacks the ability to compare things and rank them like ‘good, better, best.’  Hence in Ancient Hebrew they overcome their lack of the superlative by the way they use the language, for example:  repeating words or ideas to emphasize how important they are, comparing one thing to another, the use of ‘of’ (like ‘Song of Songs’ means the best song) and what I thought was exaggerated ages/sizes to show how important they are, like many myths of amazing people seem assign super-human attributes to historical figures.  I have sometimes encountered a person convinced things like the giants in the Bible are actually Aliens.  Likewise, I dismissed this idea for many years.  I have reached a point where I have decided I am not convinced I understand these things anymore.  I know a multiplicity of theories about these things and will just say I really don’t know what it is but I will continue to ask questions regarding them.


So here was my dream last night: I was in a giant red chair and there were monk figures on either side of me.  I asked them, can  you explain the giants to me?  The moving photos came in front of my face and stopped on a variety of scenes, complete with a musical soundtrack I will include below.  The first picture-scene was me questioning the Steve Quayle website about giants, see here.  (By the way that website caught my interest last week and I was left with the feeling we have been purposefully lied to after I looked at all the archeological evidence and collected stories/myths/expressions of giants).  The second picture was some ancient Greek myths I am familiar with.  The third was a clip from Veggie Tales of David and Goliath but it kept flashing between the cartoon and what looked like a real scene of a boy fighting a giant.  The fourth clip was the Disney Legends clip of Paul Bunyan in cartoon form flickering the same way between the cartoon and what looked like a real scene of this enormous man.  The fifth photo was a movie of the Biblical giants having sex with human women and then cutting their stomaches and ripping out their enormous babies.  The sixth photo was a Scooby Doo movie of Bigfoot which flashed some actual large man hiding in nature somewhere.  The seventh photo was me reading the email from my Buddhist Monk friend about giants; I asked him what he thought and he explained some very interesting Eastern Religious concepts about Giants which I had never realized and found very interesting.  The eighth photo was a scene of Giants from Harry Potter and a commentary that was explaining that they are not stupid like they are so often portrayed.  I asked the monk figures: “So, are these Giants going to return like the Bible suggests?”  They responded, “What if they never really left?  Then they said the lesson of these photos, the repeating thing I was supposed to learn, “The line between fantasy and reality if so often not where you think it is; this problem plagues the mind of humanity.”  I woke up at this point and wrote this because it was 3:00 and I didn’t want to forget the many details.  The song that was playing in the background was an interesting choice: ‘Me, Myself and I by Elytom Encon.’  This song is Polish and the video is about how children have dreams and lose those dreams as adults and get trapped in a narrow way of thinking/a pointless job and they feel they lose their meaning.  The song suggests that we need to rediscover the wonder and dreams of our childhood and change the way we think so that we can find meaning and fulfillment.









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  1. In 1978 I met a man that was born and raised in Israel. He told me a story that one day he was with several comrades (while serving his 2 years in the Military, which all Persons born in Israel must Serve, male or female-no exceptions) in the desert somewhere, it was the middle of the night, they had to be on guard because there was some small war things going on. He said as he was staring into the desert -out of No where – a Giant Man appeared- dressed in military clothes, he said this man had to be about 9 ft tall or even 1 Story (Bldg) high, The Giant man was running scared, and
    ran pass him and his comrades. He said he thought it was a Hallucination, but he actually saw the
    footprints in the ground after the Giant was gone. He was wide awake- and his comrades saw
    the Giant but after if was running away. I knew him well enough, that he was not telling me a
    Tall Tale.. lol. There has also been Large human remains found of a Man and 2 indian women buried somewhere – in the Eastern part of United States.

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