This dream is connected to my first truth dream.I’m in New York.I’m with my step dad’s side of the family, but I consider them family.My father is in it and he’s one of those guys that are “out there”.He’s satin in the flesh.Almost everything he does is self-serving. I’ve learned that these people are put on earth to abuse people.He’s truly sick in the head, there’s no denying this.This sickness was passed down from generation to generation, and hopefully stops with me.Now about the dream,

Where in New York, I hear the famous bickering, so I expose the truth.A couple feemales are in shock, everything starts to make sense now.Truth is revealed, now males will start openly talking about things they usually do behind closed doors.I believe women have those secrets too, but not as secret as the males.Mostly likely it’s the females with too much pride and ego that keep this a secret, which is most likely the reason guys keep things a secret, pride and ego.

My father starts saying things, and it’s just out of control.Truth will come, light will shine upon the darkness.Those who spread the most hatred and negativity will be the first to get exposed.