Rise of Female Mutilation, Honor Killings and Eunuchs




I was reminded of this prediction I made at the beginning of 2014 for this year and the upcoming years that there will be a global rise of female genital mutation, honor killings and eunuchs when I saw this article today linked on drudge about how 30 school girls in Sweden were subject to genital mutilation, see here.  Expect to see many more articles about these three topics worldwide.  Currently 140 million girls/women worldwide already suffer daily due to genital mutilation, see here.  There are 5,000 reported honor killings of mostly women worldwide each year but it is thought that statistic is underreported, see here.  There are 600,000 eunuchs worldwide, see here.  I am worried about the rise of involuntary eunuchs still practiced in certain areas in the Middle East and other places on innocent young boys who are kidnapped.  I see human right’s advocates standing up for the innocent victims of these practices and those people are in danger because they are targets of radical religious groups who want to spread these practices.  In my dreams I see that the radical religious groups want to increase these practices and shove them into the world’s face.  They are on a power trip and have succumb to corruption and use these practices for dominance.  The human right’s advocates for these groups will be persecuted.  The religious groups wish to abduct those advocates and do mutilate them as revenge and an example.  I hope these warnings will help some of these suffering people.  I hope that the human rights advocates will take strides to protect themselves and avoid becoming victims of what they are trying to stop.  I see mainstream Islamic leaders, as well as many vocal Muslim men and women decrying these practices as anti-Islamic.  I see them teaching Surahs from the Quran about treating your wives well and protecting women.  This movement angers those religious fanatics even more and they dig in, inspired by evil and desire for control.  There is a peak and then eventually these practices cease to exist and they restore Islam to what it was intended to be, in part a religion that protects and honors the dignity of women.



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