Shrinking Languages; The Dumbed Down ‘Slave Class’



I love words, especially obsolete words.  There is an attack on the minds of humanity right now, a purposeful dumbing down.  According to several studies, languages are shrinking worldwide, in part due to technology: read here.  Some languages are even going extinct, read here.  I know the NWO has a plan to splinter humanity into an uber-race and a dumbed down slave class.  I fear what they have started we cannot undo.  Mental defects are on the rise, genetically and will increase.  Human DNA is being altered and the toxins (purposeful and accidental) are everywhere and are effecting our babies and will effect further generations.  I think there will be pockets of people who can barely speak at all, by design.  I have encountered many children who are already like this….I think this is a sad prediction.  I don’t know what encouraging words I can offer to help this not develop as I see it.  I don’t think all of us will be effected, if that is encouraging.  They meant for this fate to befall most of us but underestimated the resilience, ability of the human race to adapt, race memory and DNA.  They want to steal our humanity and will fail but some will be left in a sorry state.  They won’t end up slaves though, just mentally impaired.