Increased Suicides/ The Purge



I have written about this from a variety of angels for the past year and want to review my warning because it is underway already and will increase.  I have known several people who committed suicide.  I am still seeing an increased risk of suicides and also murders which are a purge and not suicides.  I am going to list the groups of concern.  If you are aware of anyone who might fit into one of these groups please keep them close to you and watch for subtle signs of danger.  I will first address the actual real suicide groups and then address the murders that appear as suicide.


1. Increased suicides of active and retired troops.  I am feeling so bad for these men and women.  The trend is that they are already committing suicide at a great rate but as their missions are more and more obviously unjust they will increase even more in suicides.  The veterans are being targeted and treated very badly and likewise they look back on their lives and see unjust wars and get very depressed and the medicines they put everyone on for ‘mental illness’ only increases their depression and suicide rates.

2. Increased desperation/mental illness/medicated individuals who will suicide.  As wars are spreading globally, poverty is increasing in the states and globally and the world economy teeters more people are desperate, stressed, angry and depressed.  More people are on psychotropic drugs than ever before and this trend is increasing, a true hazard for children (also at risk for suicide).  Toxins in the environment, bad diets and lack of proper nutrition are causing bodily imbalances which causes mental illness.

3. Peak suicides around the holidays.  Again, more people than ever before are at risk for suicide from November-December and also February.  Make sure you send people you love notes around these times and tell them how much they mean to you.  Also, invite lonely people to celebrate holidays with you.

THE PURGE/FAKE SUICIDE GROUPS:  All these groups will continue be targeted as part of a worldwide purge.  They are not suicides they are murders.  People with information on this should step up and help these people.  You will also see many of the people in these groups being targets of any possible attack (disinformation, trying to shut down their operations, even IRS persecution…..the sky is the limit).  The want to murder these people but they will settle for persecuting them in any way possible.  Expect increasing psyop attacks and possible false flags regarding these individuals as well.

1. Bankers/other ‘witnesses’ of elitist crimes

2. Whistleblowers

3. Empowered Individuals who fit into a group that stands in the way of socialism/NWO agenda (key members of the Liberty movement).  THese could be talk show hosts or bloggers or anyone who has people’s attention and stands for human-rights.

4. Artists of all kinds who produce art/music/literature/movies which are anti-NWO

5. Religious leaders that don’t fall in line with the NWO

6. Politicians that don’t fall in line with the NWO

7. Leaders of activist organizations

8. Leaders of charity organizations

9. Doctors who don’t support the NWO fake science/ demise of the medical system

10. Scientists who expose the Global Warming Scam

11. Professors who expose the Global Warming Scam/ fake science propaganda of the NWO in all areas (medicine, food, environment….etc).


You will see some of this in the news; mostly only ‘alternative media.’  Mainstream media will continue to not report on most of these events and persist in their lies.  If they do report it, they will give it some sort of strange twist, as usual, to serve the NWO agenda.




15 thoughts on “Increased Suicides/ The Purge

  1. Fefe:

    I have a friend whose Marine Veteran son killed himself because of the way he saw his beloved country being torn apart from within. This was a couple of years ago. He was highly decorated, but sadly suffered from PTSD. He was a man in his thirties with a wife and kids. I REALLY HAD A HARD TIME KNOWING WHAT TO SAY TO HIS FATHER. I didn’t even know the soul and I was crying for him. We MUST GET THIS COUNTRY BACK! I am making it one of my missions on this earth. My uncle did not live through Normandy, and my legal immigrant ancestors did not come here to help build this country that they loved so much to see it turn into such a corrupt chaotic mess. TIME TO CLEAN OUT DC! ALL PARTIES. But especially this USURPING FOREIGN REGIME that is almost through with it’s Coup d’etat ! It is our duty turn this mess around for the ancestors who bequeathed our beautiful nation to us and to our progeny.
    There are many quotes from Thomas Jefferson on “the future need for Americans to water the Tree of Liberty” The Founding Fathers knew. They were visionaries after all.

  2. I have been and WILL BE watching these mysterious deaths. People ask me if I am afraid to be an activist – they cannot imagine being so vocal and open to ridicule and revenge. I say I cannot imagine NOT BEING THIS WAY. I refuse to live in a society that is not free. I would rather not be here at all.

  3. A question for all of you:

    We KNOW that the media (here in the USA) is now STATE RUN. I have definitive proof because I have been active in this area. We know the talking heads get their marching orders. Do you think there are several people now who are READY TO TALK BECAUSE THEY “KNOW TOO MUCH?” That they will finally have the courage to come forward? Guess what skumbags….You can off some of them BUT YOU CAN’T GET ALL OF THEM! WE ARE WAY TOO MANY FOR YOU! Your hideous corruption WILL BE OUTED! God BLESS WHISTLE BLOWERS EVERY WHERE!

  4. The mainstream news will say anything to lower the truth-tellers’ credibility, might even label them “conspiracy” theorists or make them look like fools somehow.And it’s really the viewers who believe the mainstream media who are fools.

    Everything mainstream is just generally “twisted”, so there will be a twist if the truth is involved.

  5. Twists and turns are inevitable if it’s mainstream.That’s what the mainstream is for…to filter, manipulate, and fabricate information.Showing things that won’t conflict with their agenda.

  6. Thank you Unified. We do have some “independent” investigative reporters who are not scared. They are very few and far between. If some unknowns would just come out NOW with what they know, they could make BIG NAMES for themselves. As I said, they cannot kill all of them. I know God is sending protection to us.

  7. Do you know…I am a very impatient person. I have been suffering with impatience and extreme anxiety mainly these last six years during the Coup with the Usurper Foreign Agent. I REALLY feel that MANY people are much more aware NOW of what is going on (well…after all it has been six years!) I cannot believe it has taken so many so long to wake up. I HAVE HAD THIS OVERWHELMING FEELING THAT SOMETHINGS AFOOT! I am not understanding the timing though. But something MAJOR is going to happen. It will be good- I feel.

    1. The shoe is about to drop feeling. Well they keep announcing all over that another 911 is coming. This prob means they r planning it. Missing plane, missing nukes….warnings of false flags, surge of illegals from open boarders, wars, clamping down to suppress every sort of freedom, each day the news is more insane.

  8. The problem for them now is that all of this information is wide out in the open. If they go through with another false flag attack, everyone is going to know about it. That could be a catalyst for civil war, among other things. I’m not surprised that this happening, but I am saddened. Pray for peace. 😦

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