Harry Reid’s Land Grabs: Civil War Instigation




I said this back when the Nevada Land Grab horror was going down; Harry Reid’s Chinese benefitting land grabs are public instigation of Civil War.  They announced that they have their eyes on Texas.  I encourage non-violent resistance and do not make the first move.  I mentioned I had a dream where people were marching and chanting ‘Come and Take it’ and I also see that the next time they try to do a land grab they will make sure that crazy power hungry law enforcers will execute their plans and not stand down.  They will plant PSYOPS and start a bigger fight and blame the protests, most likely a veteran.  Then they will try to take guns as a result of this noncompliance.  I hope if we talk about this enough this won’t happen.  I feel the plan is formed right now and they are trying to do so many desperate weird things at the moment to maintain their illusion of power and control.  If they are psycho enough to come to Texas and try a land grab, God help us all!  They tested the waters in Nevada and failed.  I feel they went away licking their wounds but will double back like a coiled snake and try to pit the army against the police.  They know in a land grab they will face the militias.  They HATE the militias and are turning homeland security into an illegal standing army to counter the militias, as well as execute other evil deeds.  Let us expose this and counter it and pray that the land grab/Texas/Civil War doesn’t happen.  😦