Fancy Trendy Restaurants Will Add Bug Dishes to Menues



I predicted this already and want to remind people the push for humanity to eat bugs is coming.  I dreamed that the trend bug eating Paleo diet is being pushed by the UN NWO agenda to the point that finally edible fancy bug dishes are sold at trendy posh restaurants in major cities.  Celebs make a point of selling that idea that its great, green, healthy, friendly and responsible to eat bugs.  Bugs are sold at grocery stores as well.  There are restaurants that open that specialize in these bug dishes.  I was shopping a few months ago and saw some kid’s Paleo cookbooks at Costco, so they are targeting children at a young age to see this diet.  The media will push it too.  Right now it is just in the infant stages of rearing its disgusting little bug head.  As a kid I remember the commercials that said “Eat your Meat” and “Beef, its Whats for Dinner.”  Now it will be “Eat your Bugs,” and “Bugs solve world hunger,” and “Bugs; Food of the Trendy People.”  I don’t doubt they prob. are healthy and a stable in the diet of primitive humans.  However, I think this is totally disgusting.  I don’t care if some celeb is eating them or they are at a posh dining establishment in New York.  I shall never eat them.  They are testing the waters out and laying the groundwork now.  Even major cities are having events at fancy hotels to serve their bug dishes, see this event in Houston, Texas.  The obnoxious thing to be is that they will sell this diet as uppity when it is meant to bring down everyone’s standard of life and dehumanize us.  The UN doesn’t really care about helping end world hunger, they want their Agenda 21 depopulation program.  They want to use this bug diet for the underclass of slaves but will sell it to their target audience as the enlightened food for trendies/elites/celebs.








3 thoughts on “Fancy Trendy Restaurants Will Add Bug Dishes to Menues

  1. UGGGGH!!! I HATE BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I COULD BARELY LOOK AT THESE PICTURES!! I am totally grossed out and CAN belileve that moron’s- trying to be sophisticated- will do this! LOL!! Angelina Jolie has some adopted kids (I think from Africa) and I read that she allows the kids to eat bugs because “they are like potato chips” (whatevah!) In the book, “Escape from Camp 14” the North Korean prisoner had to eat bugs and rats to survive. No thank you very much!

  2. Bloody hell!! that’s absolutely discussing!, seriously they have be kidding!, even Bonnie won’t eat bugs and she’s a dog lol. The only type of insect i agree with to be used with man is maggot therapy, it’s gross but it works. Next thing they’ll be wanting us to eat maggot’s!. ewwwwww yuk..

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