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I know several of us have mentioned this before but 2014 seemed to be the launch of a campaign to manifest evil through pop music in a more open and aggressive manner.  Perhaps this sounds like a spooky conspiracy to some people but I assure you this has actually always been a Christian and Islamic teaching to beware of some music because evil entities can lurk therein.  Traditional Angelology and interpretation of the Bible has always been that Lucifer is the angel of music, see here.  I am making this warning due to three distinct dreams I had after accidentally listening to three different songs which I will include below.  The three dreams were the same except the song changed.  Something about me is that I have a weird recollection of music and can play songs in my head after I have heard it once, like it is recorded in my mind.  A lot of music plays for me all the time and in my dreams so it is not abnormal that a song is playing in my head.  Yet, these dreams were very disturbing.   In my dreams I was in my bed and woke up and sat up because my alarm went off and was playing that song (I actually use a phone alarm that beeps, but anyway….).  Then there was an evil and gross robed demon at the foot of my bed and he said, “thanks to that song now I am here and I am going to stay awhile and be with you.”  The song kept playing and in my dreams I started praying and telling it to go away.  Each time when I woke up something in my room had fallen down and broken, like my mirror.  I stayed up several hours and prayed after this happened and was very disturbed.  I felt a presence was there at the foot of my bed and then after awhile I felt that evil presence leave my house.  I think these songs play some kind of role in a greater ritual.  I have discussed this with a few people I know whom are former Satanists.  They said that indeed the music is meant to manifest demons.  The freaky part is that I believe it can manifest them in our individual lives, like I experienced in my dreams.  I think people who are unaware might not understand the songs are toxic and play them over and over.  I adore music and many songs are not loaded demon guns of manifestation.  Certain singers, usually the ones who even announce that they ‘sold their soul’ are the ones who manifest demons in their music.  I encourage people to research this with an open mind and choose their music carefully.  So this prediction is a warning to not invite evil into your house, family or person accidentally through music.  Also, I am predicting that we are experiencing a climax moment of evil manifestations through music.


The first song in my nightmares was Katy Perry’s ‘ET’.  I accidentally watched this video.  I think it is clearly a love song to Satan.


The second song was ‘Monster’ by Rihanna and  Eminem.  Imagine little kids singing “I am friends with the monster thats under my bed.”  This is like personally inviting a demon into you!

Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ was the last one that triggered this nightmare.

Another one that I think is obviously Satanic is Keisha’s Die Young.  This is encouraging the eugenics program of depopulation.

I get the feeling that Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ is also a romance with Satan:

If you just watched all those videos I suggest some time spent in prayer and playing some chanting Benedictine Monks to clear your space.






5 thoughts on “Evil Manifesting Through Music

  1. Also a lot of love songs are bad too.It makes people feel like they “need” to be with someone so they begin to feel lonely and depressed, like they need a person to be happy and love them self.

  2. They aren’t as physically astonishing once you get a smell of their decomposed breakfast.Some models don’t seem like real people.

  3. And it’s not just pop, it’s strong in a lot of hip hop/rap.Even reggae music.Those careers that just suddenly sore after years of mediocre material, be wary of those artists.

    These are some more “less obvious” ones to many people, and what they are propagating:
    -Macklemoore(gay propaganda,prolonging trends to assist distractions, influence perverse femininity on men.He also schmoozes “gay community” for money and increased album sales.)
    -Wiz Kalifa(Weed propaganda.And although the government alludes to “disliking” it, they really don’t care, they just use it as an excuse to put minorities in prison/jail.They know a large majority of african americans listen to that genre of music. )
    -Iggy Azaelia(She’s clearly a puppet, singing music that hardly pertains to her own life.Also Propagating materialism, teaching women to abandon love for daimonds…it’s just a shiny rock with no special powers or health benefits.

    And many, many more.All they sing about is money, sex, drugs…blatantly.

    their music is flooded with propaganda and what I call “distraction propagate” music.

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