The Riker’s Island Prison Breakout of 2014


Please forgive the sloppy nature of this writing, but it’s important that this is posted immediately before time is allowed to run out…..

Towards the end of last year, I wrote this prediction in my yearly list which was then posted to Know the Next.

“Riker’s Island suffers a critical lockdown after three prisoners escape the compound in early August. Only one of them is ever recaptured; leaving city officials to be in constant fear of a revenge plot that was overheard before one of the prisoner’s exit. A gun spree results in the massacre of 180 Americans with 39 dead and 141 injured. Not a pleasant chapter in the city’s overall history.”

After this occurred, I wrote a further elaboration about the base 7 timeline recurrences of this event on our current year of 2014. I will post the elaborated version once I can salvage it from the Know the Next archives. In the meantime, look at this list of prison breakouts and notice they mostly occur in intervals of 7 (2007, 2000, 1993, 1986, 1979, eg.).

Once I laid out all of the specifics, a number of eery prison escape stories started popping up in the New York area:


In January, a man named Raymond Murillo escaped custody from the Creedmor Psychiatric Medical Center and was then recaptured in Tennessee over 1500 miles away.


Then in April, a man named George Jordan slipped out of police custody in Far Rockaway for 24 hours before being recaptured and sent to St John’s Episcopal Hospital.



Now that two we have two precedents set up this year, we have to look to this recent improper imprisonment of Occupy Wall Street activist Cecily McMillan at Riker’s Island.



I would recommend that everyone catch up and become informed on this story. To sum it up, this woman was arrested during the decampment of Zuccotti Park during the protests and was charged with assaulting police officer Grantley Bovell despite involuntarily reflexing from being sexually assaulted. The district attorney’s in the case wanted to make an example out of her due to their bribed out souls from the Wall Street elite, but started to realize towards the end of the trial that she would end up being martyred and she would be making examples of them instead. The judge, Ronald Zweibel, a notorious sexist and homophobe, sentenced Cecily to ninety days in prison after threatening over seven years of imprisonment. Cecily had no previous felony convictions and accusations later arose by the jury that they were misled into deliberating for a guilty verdict by the prosecuting team. Justice was not served in this trial and I fear that New York City will be receiving its Godly retribution for their cabal ties to Satanic orders in this particular story.




Cecily has been accused of starting trouble while serving her sentence. Her fellow inmates have been enraged by this injustice and she has been spreading communist writings to them during her sentence. This will cause further anger amongst the prison inmates, especially since I do not believe Cecily will be released on July 11th when her sentence is supposed to be over. She is currently serving trial for another case and I believe the judge will throw the book at her for this other incident as well. When that occurs, the anger will boil over and spill into the predicted prison riot in August. From there, Cecily and two other inmates will escape and the city will be put into a martial law styled lockdown as a murder spree takes place by an escaped convicted murderer seeking revenge on the city’s population. It will later be known as the darkest day of doom in the city’s history, worse than 9/11 before it.


Unless Judge Zweibel or Governor Cuomo release her in the next thirty days for good behavior and appeal her probation sentence, this prediction will end up being all but a certainty to occur as I’ve said it will. I have a feeling they will disregard my advice, but that’s why judgment is sought from the heavens when the rule of law on Earth is not adequate enough in its order. Stay tuned. The city will begin to see its darkest days yet. Cecily will wish she had plead guilty several years before and the city will wish they never sent her to trial in the first place. In a situation such as this one, there are only losers and never winners.

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  1. I’ve never had a bad feeling reading something like how I have read this.I recently had a dream about being chased by a psychotic person.The person seemed mindless and insane, so I called it a zombie.I wonder if this is what the dream was about.

  2. That sounds like a zombie and that’s a different issue all together. Still, we should all keep an eye out for this since our government is not becoming less corrupt.

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