Living Zombie Attack

I just woke up from the strangest dream.It started out with me traveling to some far away place via  train, for what I perceived to be a “job interview”.I had to be there by 9:00, and apparently I didn’t make it.So instead of taking several trains to go back, someone offered me a ride.It was a couple people, and we went in a plane.I wasn’t sure if it would take me where I needed to be.The scene changes and we’re in my city. I go to the town square.I think someone was with me, but they eventually disappear.As I’m walking, I notice a few ladies start giggling when I walk by and make a ridiculous comment.I believe that’s how females with low self-esteem act when they find a male attractive.So, I continue walking around, ignoring all those who didn’t stand out in the dream.I take the elevator, and this female runs up to try to get in, but it’s too late.It elevated without closing completely(What a crappy elevator).I see through the open part of the doors, and she says “You should have held the door for me” , but she said it in an ominous way.I felt bad, even though logically she couldn’t have gotten on.She can simply wait a minute or two for the elevator to come back.I think she just liked me, and used that reason just to say something to me.After I got off, I’m walking, but I see those few females that I called “people” earlier in this description.They speed up and walk ahead of me so that I would see them, they pull their pants over their butts so that I would notice.I didn’t give them the perverted reaction they wanted, so I guess they got mad, and as they walk up a spiral steps, one of them say “What the hell is this!”,  and pushes this strange creature towards me, and I punch it off.This creature looked human,he was white and looked like he had a home, except it walked on all fours, but crawled like a spider, like that little girl in the movie “The grudge”.It’s neck was abnormally long, and it’s face was without expressions.Mindless and insane.Now that I think of it, my youngest brother was with me.We escape, and we got home.I get home, turn on the radio or t.v, and a reporter says something about there being humans with special blood types and that everyone is after them.They also mention these microscopic worms that hide in carpets and give you an infection, which was actually a dream I had prior to this one, but I barely could understand that dream, but I will post it later.After hearing that information, I begin vacuuming the rooms with haste.My youngest brother runs up to me and says “That guy from earlier broke in!”. He broke in through the basement door.Me and my little bro run up stairs and I locked the door.The zombie guy simply “opens” the door.Doors are so useless nowadays.So I use my foot and push the door closed and kept it closed.I grab a knives.Oh, I forgot to mention I saw my mother in the room.She was completely tact.My brother can feel her emotions, which influences his, so I guess that’s why he remained calm.That’s how my mom usually is in these situations.But she didn’t see that weird creature for herself!

The creature kept calling my mother “mom”.Saying “I want to see my mom”.Blah blah blah.For a moment my mom thought it was just my older brother, but no it wasn’t.It was just that weird hybrid thing.Or…it could have been a representation of him.I will still destroy it.Dreams ended there.


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  1. Zombies again! Sophia had one of these dreams a few nights ago too and was horrified. So….its happening to a lot of us! This is one of my least favorite dreams, its just gross no matter what.

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