Gross Ingredients in the Meat



In my prediction for 2014 that I made around New Year’s I mentioned 2014 would be a year of discovering gross ingredients added to meat products in a variety of places.  This has already come to pass but I want to add that this is the year where the ingredients are exposed in so many types of products and people have had enough of the toxic additives.  Americans have reached an all time epidemic of being over-weight and unhealthy largely due to the garbage food.  Obscene ingredients are added into everything we eat unless you get organic, local and read every little ingredient.  I recommend not eating anything that has an ingredient you can’t pronounce, that has additives that are not named and explained or that you could bury it underground and dig it up and it would still look and feel the same as it did the day it was made! The gross ingredients are added to every type of food and drink so please beware….especially of the meat!  I get a bad feeling regarding meat and not because I am a vegetarian but because I worry about the people I love who eat meat.  I get a bad feeling when I am in the grocery or wherever they serve meat and I think there will be many more contaminations and issues regarding meat, increased meat prices and corruption in selling known contaminated meats.  I am a vegetarian, since I was 9, because I felt I was absorbing the animal’s negative energy into my body— like the energy it had when it died and was in pain and afraid, FYI.  🙂 love, FEFELOVE XX

UPDATE: I just read an article here about Anthrax in beef cows.

UPDATE: I just read about how many fast food chains are importing toxic/rotten meat and covering it up with fillers.


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  1. My family told me when I was little kid I refused to eat meat.They forced me to eat all the way until i started to eat it on my own.

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