Exorcism Abuse



There will be more articles about children being abused/killed in ritual exorcisms.  They will be in a variety of religions, mainly Christianity and Islam but others.  Most cultures and religions have exorcism rituals and I am not saying they are unnecessary or bad in general.  What I see is that some evil entities enjoy corrupting this rite and use it to torture and kill children.  I don’t know if saying this will help any of the innocent victims but I really hope it will touch someone that might intervene at the right moment.  The ones that come to me are mostly little storefront churches in poor areas.    I feel sad for these children, no one speaks for them and they are abused in a very satanic manner.


UPDATE: I saw this article today about how the Vatican is increasing and developing exorcisms.  I do believe that exorcisms can be a valid ministry and the Vatican helping many people with this ministry.  However, it is a sign of my prediction because as Rome does more exorcisms and they become more common there will be an overall increase of exorcisms worldwide and this will encourage the nut bags to use it to abuse people/kids.

UPDATE: I saw this article today about a cop who now is a Demonologist and he claims exorcisms are on the rise along with possessions.