Missiles flying

A while back I wrote something on another site which now down.    I still think it is pertinent.   I will try to get this as accurately as I remember…..    I see buildings bombed out. Some have missing walls, but still standing. It looks to be a middle eastern design and color.  The buildings look very vacant as if everyone just left.  I see a few individuals with scarves wrapped around the front of the face.   There is some design  on the scarves.  An intricate pattern of red and black on white scarves.  Missiles  are flying in a westerly direction to another country.  Most of them do not find their target.  Most fly in weird “off” patterns that seem to go in a general direction.  It feels like it was to garner attention and not necessarily be able to do any actual damage.   I must confess that in trying to refresh this vision I was able to see more than the first time.  


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