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I have had this genre of dream before several times where I am sitting in a theatre and the curtain opens; I see a scene and then on an important moment the scene freezes and  a spotlight comes out with a message.  The contents of this dream changes but the theatre is the same.  This dream doesn’t happen that much and is oriented around exposing something bad and a message of hope.  Last night I had this dream again.  The scene started with a group of evil politicians like Obama, Feinstein, and all the known toxic players in the United States plus some toxic world leaders from various countries as well as evil bankers and other elites.  They were sitting around a table (Bilderberg?) and planning a documentary for the history of America. Also, Obama was preparing some martial law speech that went something like “We have witnessed the rise of the great empire America; We have see the fall of the great empire America.  In fact the whole thing I was watching was called “The Rise and Fall of the Great Empire America.”  When Obama ended this first sentence of his speech the big spot light stopped on him and you could see the rest of the group, as well as him, now frozen like on pause.  A resounding voice said like a narrator said, “we are not going to let this happen, we are helping.”  I woke up at this point.  I think this was a message that we are being assisted by angels/the power of the good in the universe/something non-human/God.  I think its a message of hope for everyone.  Those people on the stage are also being warned.


11 thoughts on “Message About Intervention for America

  1. Oh my dear Fefe!!! I have been praying for our country and praying that “angels would come and assist us in spiritual AND HUMAN FORM!” WOW!!

  2. Thank you Fefe! We The People who are NOT AFRAID TO DIE FOR OUR COUNTRY will be guided through The Lord and his angels. Look at the overwhelming trials George Washington had. He prayed and was DEFINITELY devinely guided. We won the Revolution against all odds. Those men who signed that document gave up everything, they could have been hung for treason by Great Britton. Also, Jefferson and Adams- two briliant visionaries- both died on July 4th, 1826, the 50th anniversary of The First Independence day – I believe Jefferson died first and Adams died shortly after….supposedly saying “Jefferson Lives.” If that doesn’t show you that our nation had divine influence nothing will. BTW History is my favourite subject.

  3. ME TOO! And I think he was rather dashing. He is one of the people from History I would most love to have dinner with.

  4. Hi Fefe,

    I believe that you’re correct that there will be divine intervention for our country. I believe the help will not only be in our Nation, but also globally.

  5. This is great news! This is exactly what should be happening, a divine intervention. This also alludes to an ethical and non-violent intervention done properly. Maybe this is just wishful thinking… Great news and post, thank you!

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