Dreams about Medicine/Medical Practice




I have mentioned before what I dreamed about as fundamental changes in the practice of medicine.  I have also mentioned before about the decline of Big-Pharma and the importance of natural remedies like Black Seed (see photo above); the healing power of Black seed has yet to be realized but I have dreamed it is mainstream and in a variety of products.  First let me address the demise of Big-Pharma.  Not only are they being exposed/protested for a variety of evils like cancer viruses in the vaccines (example see here) and the promotion of psychotropic drugs that cause mass mental illness/violence (encouraged by violent movies/video games/tv shows) but they also are part of a system which I am going to call ‘governmental abuse of its people through healthcare and medicine.’  See this article which explains the fact that 34 school shootings were executed by shooters on psychotropic drugs: here.  I am pretty convinced all the mass shootings are rooted in these psychotropic drugs that make some people go clinically insane and violent.  As they push these shootings (which they caused) to ban guns people are wondering why they are not banning the psychotropic drugs instead.  Big-Pharma is getting a lot of heat for these two issues: toxins in drugs like cancer causing vaccines and mass murder inspiriting psychotropic drugs.  We all know that Big-Pharma has teamed up with our tyrannical government in order to use healthcare to control/exploit/ monitor/spy.  The issues here are so immense including end of life issues where the government decides if you live or die/ how much and what kind of care you get.  They will use Big-Pharma to track your smart cards at the grocery to monitor what you eat and then deny care….or even deny you the ability to buy certain food because it isn’t in your government run diet plan.  Plus, Obamacare is designed to ruin healthcare and make it unaffordable, bad and so they can just exploit and regulate with taxes (the power to tax is the power to destroy).  So while this dour picture is being painted super bugs, mutated diseases, pandemics and what I see as diseases hidden in the earth somehow which come out— these are all anti-biotic resistant bugs which Big-Pharma cannot help.  So, not only will healthcare become more obnoxious and unattainable but also far more ineffective.  So, natural remedies will take the pace of Big-Pharma.  Alternative medicines will gain popularity and become an essential part of societies (they often are in foreign lands anyway and always have been).  This is a transition to a new age of medicine that is linked with technology and extended lifespans/technological and scientific cures of amazing sorts.  So, to be clear there  is a process of transition in medicine which goes from 1. Big-Pharma dominance/exploitation to, 2. Decline of Big-Pharma (out in a cloud of shame and horror) to, 3. Focus on Natural Remedies/ alternative medicines, 4. Age of medicine forever changed due to fast moving advances in technology/science and radical changes in the human body.  I want to say I dreamed that Black Seed (See here), also known as Black Cumin or Nigella Sativa will play a great role in future health and healing during the alternative medicine stage which I mentioned.  Black seed was valued by several ancient societies like the Egyptians and Greeks.  Black seed was mentioned in the Bible and is a fundamental cure for sickness in the Quran.  I dreamed that it makes its way into all kinds of products in health food stores first as not only a cure but to help maintain daily health/immunity.  Part of the the focus of alternative medicine is maintaining health ahead of sickness and treating the root of the illness not like the Big-Pharma desire to cause the sickness and then just treat the symptoms, somewhat ineffectively to maximize money made from diseases.  Anyway, ahead of this transition to natural remedies I recommend you finding the cures that are right for you and your family; some interesting other ones include oil of oregano, and  colloidal silver.   I read several articles about how scientists think that the food that looks like certain body parts/organs is made to help/enhance/heal those body parts.  I sometimes have images of this in my dreams, see this for an interesting read..  A good site to visit is Natural News.  I think a lot of people have fear of pandemics and superbugs but don’t believe the articles that say that extinction is coming.  That is unnecessary fear mongering.  Big-Pharma wants people to think without them everyone will die and this is just not true; they control the scientific propaganda.  Transitions mean the end of one thing and the start of a new way, often a better way in this case.  Please have hope that even though we might go through a patch of difficulty, it is necessary to eliminate this tyrannical, greedy and unhealthy medical system….evil systems always go through a greedy power grabbing exploitative climax before they resolve.   We are about to see the most terrible side of the wrath of the death throbs of Big-Pharma as they cling to their dreams of evil dominance.  The good people will conquer them, usher in the alternative medicine out of necessity and then we shall see technological advances which transform medical practices quickly and forever.  Through technology humanity will become self-healing/ and transforming in ways most people now cannot fathom.