Update on My Celebrity/Royal Necklace Prediction


Around December of last year, I wrote the following prediction which was then posted to Know the Next.

“A pearl necklace is found in the Indian or Atlantic ocean that belongs to a very famous movie star or popular icon of the twentieth century. It is later placed into their estate and preserved at a museum in their honor.”

I never added the following note from my KtN posting, so I will do so here.

(12/13 Add: Grace of Monaco, Princess Diana or Marilyn Monroe seem the most likely at this point, although it could be just about any famous beauty in that century. Remains to be seen.)

I have an update on the trajectory of this prediction. I am foreseeing this event occurring in August now and the exact location is off the British coast. I believe it will be a opaque necklace belonging to Princess Diana and it will be auctioned off before the Queen halts the royal sale. Keep an eye out for this in the news in about two months.


3 thoughts on “Update on My Celebrity/Royal Necklace Prediction

  1. that’s really interesting liam, but how did their necklace get there in the first place?, those oceans are huge!

  2. She must have accidentally dropped it while on a boating trip. There might be video to confirm this, but if not, they do some DNA testing to confirm.

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