The Nature of War in the Post-Modern Age


I have a lot of disturbing dreams about wars and weapon technology.  Some of them are warnings of possibilities and I hope they never come to pass but I realize they are potentially real due to the fact that the technology exists or will soon exist.  I have seen some very ugly wars in my nightmares and messages that we need to stop these things from happening through exposing them.  I researched and discussed some of this weapon technology with a variety of people.  I want to present a quick top five list for people who might not be aware of these concepts.  I included links to these and they are NOT conspiracies.  Even if you don’t believe they are around now, they sure will be very soon be evident and are being developed beyond our wildest dreams.  I have a theory that the reality of these weapons has already developed beyond this list here in terrible ways which I can’t even explain.  I have seen a future where we overcome the terrible tendency toward hatred and war and are far more evolved.  In the meantime, lets make ourselves aware of the possibilities that lurk in terms of wars.  Humanity needs to reject these terrible Post-Modern weapons of war.

1. Weather War: HAARP is a weapon of war.  This is an older and very public government program which people don’t believe because they always think weather is simply an ‘act of God.’  The old maxim says ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’  This proverb implies that in the art of war the sneaky and secretive deeds are best and you want your enemies to remain in the dark.  Obama’s recent warning of pending bad weather should be a sign of his declaration that his organization plans to use this technology on unsuspecting people.  Since when did Obama become a weather man anyway?  Likewise, the fake Global warming scam that has been exposed by so many scientists is being shoveled down our throats is, in my mind, the use of climate to wage war on humanity.

2. Killer Robots/evolved drones: The UN is already announcing this jem on the horizon, see here.  We will see the merging of robots/drones and technology that targets specific DNA.  They already have a data base of everyone’s DNA.  Some of these killer bots will be like animals, some like supermen and some very sneaky like little bugs that just creep in like a cockroach and infect the right person.  These have the potential to engage with computer chips they insert (like the RIFD).  Plus, they are working on all sorts of emotional/mind control technology that I think will be a part of this.  Obama already promised to use drones on Americans and has already used them on Americans abroad.  Let us also not forget that the drones could come rolling out after his self proclaimed ‘great fear  of a Nuke to NY or a major city’ is realized since he and his gangsters are behind it all so they warn about it ahead of time to try to create fear and make everyone think they are not behind it but fighting against it.

3. Weapons that Kill from Space: I can’t find any links about this because I was informed about it from a dear friend who actually helped create this technology.  My friend was a high ranking CIA agent, no kidding.  I really wish I were kidding about this.  He told me all about some secret weapons he designed and created for the government that are in the atmosphere and can zap a single target from space.  He said that someone could be at the beach or something and then poof they are obliterated.

4. Bio-Weapons: Everyone knows about weaponized viruses and illnesses which kill people in a matter of days or weeks and look natural.  Here is a freaky list of this sort of warfare.  I have also read about how they can put viruses into crops.  My fear is that they would spread illness and then offer vaccines that would really terminate large groups of people.  There are some ‘conspiracies’ floating around the net about tiny computer genes that can be in water and undetected and set off by computers nearby to zap an individual, a group of people or a community.  I don’t know if I believe that but the IDEA is there which is a sign that someone might very well be working on a weapon such as this.  All technology starts as ideas and dreams.

5. Mind control: This is a real, subtle and nasty way to wage war.  Mind control is a complicated , intense and dirty secret program.  Mind control comes about through manipulation of the food, environment, education and media. Control and poison of the food/water/environment/information/minds is control of humanity.  Toxins are inserted everywhere made to dumb people down, change them fundamentally, control them, and mess with their heads so they can’t reason.  This is a huge attack on Americans; we can see this is our faulty brain washing education common core where kids are taught 2+2 equals 5 and that numbers can be racist.  We see this when our first lady is dictating what food the kids can eat and its all nasty and unhealthy GMO chemicals while her kids eat organic, local pure food.  So much more could be said about toxins in every walk of life.  If you click on my avatar I wrote several articles on these subjects which are not on this blog.