Crossroads: Singularity, Transhumanity and Good/Evil



Humanity is at a crossroads; in the near future the time of singularity will be near and humans will begin to merge in new ways with machines.  For those of you who might not understand what this means, simply put between 2025-2045 computers will be more intelligent than humans and humans will be able to upload their brains into computers and have extended life spans as well as ‘super-powers.’  This new stage of humanity is called transhumanity or transhumanism.  A simple google will put you in touch with all sorts of sites and forums.  Google has recently announced a vital step for harnessing control of this by creating a huge internet spy grid in space.  Technology is neutral and supposed to be used for the good of all humans, not hoarded by a few control freak elites who wish to use this technology to enslave the remaining humans.  The evil side of this technology is that some nasty elites believe humanity will splinter into two races; an ubermench god-like transhuman elite and then the slaves they dominate and control.  Some Christians see this as ‘the chip of the devil’ because it could allow for a potentially bad situation if the elites achieve their evil vision.  What interests me is my dreams of the future don’t seem dark like their plans succeed.  I have spoke with a few software developers and robotics engineers who created a movement to foil this evil plot.  First, I want to say if you are in the dark about what technological advancements are about to happen I suggest you educate yourself as quickly as possible.  Second, there is a huge power struggle going on which effects all humanity.  Third, from what I see I have hope that there are many movements to open this technology to all humans.  Fourth, please realize how vital it is to speak make the elites accountable for their many crimes against humanity before they become impossible to stop.  Recent statements like the Pope made against these evil technocrats are the start of a more public desire to hold these people accountable.  I included links to define some of the above terms for people who are in the dark.  Still, I don’t think the future is dark and I believe these evil plans are doomed to fail for a variety of reasons.  I also feel that the geo-engineering of our environment is part of this transition to force people to accept the technology at the hands of the evil control freaks.  Consider John Lennon and his visions that we are not overpopulated, it is all about love.

Here is one of my favorite media commentators on these issues, Christopher Greene:




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