Al-CIA-DA, the NWO and the Battle of Good/Evil

myartI don’t believe we are living in the eschatological ‘end-times.’  I do believe we are living through a transition period where some very evil NWO elites are making a power grab at a very important shift into a new age.  I think these NWO people are highly influenced by evil entities that understand now is the time to grab the power because if they lose their great chance to dominate and enslave through technology will have passed and they will not be able to regain their ground.  Humanity is fighting for our very humanity in a great cosmic level battle between good and evil.  I think what is done in the dark will always be brought to the light.  I believe evil never wins in the long run but can cause so much pain in the meantime.  I have spoken about persecution of Christians.  I’d like to say that I think all the world religions are under attack, infiltrated and there is a growing corruption.  There will be more persecution of Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jewish and more.  Each religion has its own beauty and a shared morality/ love of humanity which fosters human rights and the good.  Islam is the fastest growing world religion of our day so that is why you see the AL-CIA-DA terrorists leading the divide/conquer and destroy movement against humanity.  Al-CIA-DA has been empowered by the NWO and will turn on everyone.  The NWO will try to say liberty movements have linked up with AL-CIA-DA because, in fact, the liberty movements are the true protectors of human rights and equality and their infowar threatens the NWO more than anything.  Each day the news gets more disturbing and the bodies and war will pile up, as they are already quickly doing.  We are all along for the ride.  A lot of people see this as ‘the end’ because every time mass persecution of good people happens certain religious groups see it as a sign of the end times.  There is a mass rebellion I have mentioned against Al-CIA-DA and they are struggling to maintain their lies within this fake, disturbing, never ending ‘war on terror’ that actually is “the war of terror against humanity.”  I HATE the way they steal the words and they always mean the opposite of what they say, this is a demonic manipulation of words designed to confuse; a psychological war-fare tactic.  I included the above picture I painted (not a very good photo) because I am part Syrian and love the different religions and am really heart broken over what has happened in Syria and is happening in several Arab countries.  My Syrian family is Orthodox, from right where they were/are exterminating Christians.  I also have some family that is Muslim from Palestine so I have a sympathy/empathy/love for different ways of thinking/believing.  I have some very good Buddhist friends; I have some family that is Catholic and Protestant.  I feel if religions unite together for collective human rights/ liberty/ the good against this great swirling force of evil we can easily bring the NWO to justice.  Al-CIA-DA is quickly overplaying it’s evil hand and the world can view the pictures of their hate filled deeds.  No one is buying the ‘conspiracy’ notion put forth by the media for so very long and they are having to change the script to appeal to anyone anymore and they are focusing on religious/race hatred behind the scenes and internal persecutions/corruption.  My message of hope is that there is often a darkness before the dawn but the sun rises another day and the end is not upon humanity.



3 thoughts on “Al-CIA-DA, the NWO and the Battle of Good/Evil

  1. Fefe, you touch upon such important points that I have also made in the past. I’m glad that they are sweating in their boots. They will lose this war, for this I am incredibly certain. 😉

    • I am certain as well. Thanks to all the good people, the whistle blowers, the brave, the heroes, the loud yapping pie holes that won’t stop hammering on injustice and human rights until they are brought to justice. They will be dragged from their bunkers and put on trials.

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