Don’t Go Back to Iraq

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I had to send this message from the spiritual world today. I knew that the elite’s were scouting around for a conflict to distract the masses with. They have tried to escalate tensions in Syria, Iran, Egypt and Afghanistan (among other places), but those efforts have all failed to take form in their favor. They are now re-attempting to instigate matters in Iraq in setting us up for a third invasion (the thinking of “third times to charm” comes to mind). They will not be allowed to send troops there on the ground. A choice has to be made by the American government one way or the other. It can fight a global war or it can fight a domestic affair in the form of a second American civil war. To do both would see the end of the American empire solidified as we know it. If the military tries to fight conflicts both abroad and at home, then it will lose their battles on both fronts. The people will conquer them this time around. For that I am absolutely certain. It’s not too late to scale back the rhetoric, but wiser heads almost never prevail amongst the powers that be. 😉


One thought on “Don’t Go Back to Iraq

  1. I get physically ill every time I see the Iraq news. Executions and rebellion and injustice. I can feel the energy and its so very toxic and wrong.

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