A star is born?


This dream was strange, all over the place, but I will try to make sense of this.In this dream it seems that I traveled to New York with some family members.A cousin is with me, trying to control, doing all she knows best(I’m such a family man, aren’t I?).The cousin kept switching from one to another.I guess it was because they have similar personalities and are born under the same zodiac sign.I guess I decide to separate from everyone and take the station for some reason.I’m exhausted and decide to go to T.G.I fridays. A.A family member pops up and decides to stop and says it’s expensive.I’m now noticing a pattern…women trying to control me(They do a terrible job, as I always use my intellect as a way to question their logic).Scene changes and I’m at this church I grew up in, except it’s a little different. I don’t remember what I was doing in there.It quickly transformed into a eatery. Next thing I know  I’m interviewing for a position in the restaurant.I was offered to be a chef, and there was two others applying.A guy, aswell as a a girl, but the guy didn’t stand out in this dream.The girl was beautiful, she had long black hair, and her face had nice symmetry. She was an undercover popstar, or she was competing in this competition.Maybe it was american idol…i really dislike all those shows.American idol, the voice, etc etc.Such ridiculous shows.But back to the rest of the dream, the employer gave us all these tops(they were cases but he only gave us the tops of them).I’m pretty sure he gave me the ‘sun’ , the girl got the moon, and they guy got the earth. Idk they were vague. We all had to come back to the place and bring them clean and ready to do our introductions.Knowing me, I came with a dirty one and cleaned it right before my introduction.Well, this is pretty much all I remember of this weird dream.I woke up more than once and this dream continued every time.All i know as that these dreams are somehow connected.