The First of Many Bloodline Deaths

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For those of you who have read my previous predictions, I revealed that, in addition to the revelations about the workings of the elite (otherwise known as the powers that be), that many of the bloodline family members would die of mysterious circumstances. I don’t want to reveal too much of my personal information, but I will say that Richard Rockefeller, son of the Satanic David Rockefeller, died in a plane crash in somewhat of a close vicinity to my location. I have warned those in power not to mess with my messages from the spiritual world, but they have so far refused to listen. If this death by gravitational magnetism does not wake them up to the pushback that they will receive from the heavens for the implementation of the New World Order agenda, then I honestly cannot imagine what else will. Know that this death of a bloodline family member is only the first in a series of many to occur over the next several weeks and months. By years end, six of the thirteen bloodline families will be dead entirely with seven more seeing reduced numbers as a result of their wickedness. Allegiance of your soul to the devil has its price, whether it comes from above or below. 😉

13 thoughts on “The First of Many Bloodline Deaths

  1. Liam (love. Your name) Who do. You,,think. Grooomed. And appointed. Obama. I know. Soros and,Saudis did ,and. Believe NWO is connected

  2. @Trixie: Obama’s presidency was decided by a Bilderberg coalition. Soros is not an agent you should be concerned with as his influence is very weak and he is being pushed out of the elite as we speak. I see him murdered in a scenario looking like a “suicide” within the next four years. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the Rothschild’s, the Kennedy’s and the Astor’s for the next death in this sequence. A Vanderbilt may pass away next month as well.

  3. wow!,, well thankgod i say. Liam, do you know what part tony Abbott has in all of this? I know he’s a zionist, but i’m not quiet sure what his plan is for OZ? He seems to be sucking up the backside of Obama pretty much..

    1. I don’t think Abbott plays such a large role in all of this. My only concern would be to see how close of a relationship with Rupert Murdoch he has. If he’s part of the agenda that Putin is about to unleash, then watch out. If not, then I expect he’ll be voted out of office peacefully by the time the next election cycle rolls around. Until then, make his agenda as difficult as possible to fulfill and things should be relatively fine. Hope this helps.

  4. oh wow that;s interesting.. Well To answer your question about rupert murdoch, then yes he is sucking up his posterior rather quickly. It’s funny you say that about murdock coz it was in the news yesterday that he was pally pally with murdock and he put a sign up saying australia is open for business that murdock displayed.and i thought oh yeah here we go what’s he up too, god he’s abbotts embarrassing liam honestly. oh and yeah i am making his agenda a nightmare along with the rest of OZ, . thanks for help darl xx

    1. That was my first thought as well, Luna. Also note that, Jamie Dimon, CEO of the stock market crashing firm JP Morgan Chase, has been diagnosed with cancer as well. If he passes, that’ll be three deaths in only a months time.

      Richard Rockefeller may (but likely will) pass before he reaches his centennial birthday.

      The elite need to stop playing with fire, otherwise they’ll get burned. They are not invincible to the laws of the universe. 😉

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