Prediction: Increased Gang Violence

One of my more unpopular posts on I made some time ago about increased gang violence, especially in big cities that have stricter gun control laws; this surge will be due to Mexican Drug Cartels oozing over into the states.  I made this prediction before all the recent news about immigration which, as I saw, was going to hit a high.  See this article about the gangs: here.  My father is an immigrant and most of my family are immigrants and my grandfather on my mother’s side is an immigrant.  I love foreigners and this isn’t a ‘prejudice’ prediction.  I love Mexican culture, art and food and have many hispanic friends since I am in in Texas and we are so close to Mexico.  The problem is that there is a plan to destroy freedom, eliminate gun ownership and increase poverty, lower standards of life and cause race division.  The ‘La Raza’ movement is promoting the idea that Hispanics are superior to whites and that it is their duty to come take back Texas that we stole from them.  I don’t think any race is superior to another.  I am not guilty of prejudice and we need to love one another and seek productive ways to help the poor, ease the suffering, protect the children and unite humanity.  The policies right now being made are designed out of hatred and to destroy and do not empower anyone.  I am sick how they steal words and concepts and call you a racist if you don’t agree.  I love live and want a healthy, wealthy, happy vision of a united humanity.  Anyway, about the gangs- beware as I warned- they will be everywhere and no one is safe anymore.  Especially if you are a parent and your child is in a public school, take caution and be very vigilant.    


18 thoughts on “Prediction: Increased Gang Violence

  1. I. Havebeen. An. Anti illrgal immigration activist in MD. No MD is not. A border state but we have an insideous Commmie. Ethnic-centric. La Raza. Connected goup which. RUNS Maylands legislature I have. Been. To. Annnapolis to. Testify . Many , times. Only to. Be. Bullied and personaly. Threatend. By. These.thugs(and. Not. Just. Me. My colleagues also)They vote. Fraudulently. And have. Helped. To turn. Certain. Parts. Of MD into , a. Sewer. DidI ,mention. That CasaDe. MD. Was. Buddy. Buddy. With Hugo CHAVEZ ,,Did,,you ,know,,that Obama. Took. Several people from. CASAs. Board. And, gave,,them,,cabinet,,,positions. Like,,Tom,, Perez. To. Head. Of
    DOL, Ilegal aliens. Run. Over. The,border(,and MD. Is, one. Of their. Big EastCoast destinations. There,is, sooo,much. More , have ,,to. ,tell,,youNO. ONE. HATES. IMMIGRANTS. BUT. THEY. NEED. TO DO. IT LEGALLY! That Usurper. Fraudin The WH. Out. Of control. Purposely. Allowing. Chaos. To,,reign !! I. Despise. The,evl. SOB. His. Cohorts,,and his. MarieAntionette. MANWIFE!! PLEASE. FOR1GIVE. THIS. WEIRD PUNCTUATTON. USING. A,,pad,and it. Came. Out. Of ,nowhere!Lol

    • My phone autocorrects me so I regularly look incompetent so no judgement here. Hey , some gang member left my son a dead rat because he helped a girl who was being gang raped by them.

  2. Do. Any of you psychics. See. This. evil. Administration. Being. Prosecuted before. JAN 15? People keep saying. We. Have. To. Take. Over the,Senate. ,on. Election. Day, but. We DO. NOT,HAVE. TIME TO. SPARE. LOOK AT,,ALL. OF. THE. EVIL. THINGS. THEY,,ARE, UP TO!

  3. It was horrible actually. The day before I had to psychically locate him in the middle of a mess. I sat there for five mins n then drove to him…I found him with my mind. I think the mind is amazing.

  4. Fefe. Why was.this an unpopular. Post on the,,last board?GANGS. ARE FLOODING. IN. AS I. TEXT. THIS!! Duuuuuhh-!Damned. People. Better. WAKE THE
    @$&;;;-*!&!&!!!!! Up!

  5. Selfish individuals who try to torture you because you prevented them from ruining someone elses life.Such one-sided thinking.The self…

    Your son is bold and went through all of that to save someone’s life.Can you believe that things like this happen everyday, and that not everyone is lucky enough to get saved?

    • Actually I was horrified by this. I came from an upper class family n never thought I’d be touched by this. Stupid me. Yeah he did the right thing. The girls mom cried n cried n thanked him.

  6. Thank god for breaking and entering law.You’ve changed my perspective on guns. I’ve lost a lot of family members by guns, but they were not shot by people protecting themselves.Guns should only be used for self-defense.We all get approached by someone with a high for of ignorance.I did earlier this week.

    • I emailed you. Check your spam? I emailed again. I sent a long letter before and you never replied. I thought that was a bit odd. Maybe you are confused about my name? Its is from my private email not the ones I post here.

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