Fear of Solar Flares

solar flares



I posted on knowthenext about my fear of solar flares.  This fear came because of a series of dreams I had about this.  I just thought I should mention it, not to fear monger but I am getting emails from some people I didn’t know before the demise of KTN and they are worried about the potential solar flares.  I think its a valid worry.  I think they have a real change of knocking out major power grids (that’s what my dreams suggested).  I always check certain sites about it because of my dreams.  It could be a fear I really don’t know but I want to say I take I seriously.




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  1. Your right to worry fee, i have been having dreams of late pertaining to a very large solar flare causing widespread blackouts all over the world. Not all countries were hit tho, it was vague which ones were, but i know Australia, Canada, US Switzerland, Germany The middle east, and funny enough England were blacked out, i can’t remember the rest tho. As i’m typing now i heard spirit say Bulgaria??. Where the grids go i have no idea, but i just know it was a real catastrophe, and took years for the grids to go back up. Meanwhile free energy was being built. Also in the dream the weather did a complete 180 degree turn.. I’ve had that same dream 3 times now, and i’m not one for dreaming unless they are premonition ones. I have an idea, it’s my subconscious remembering it from the video.. Anyway spirit has told me to keep buying batteries, and to invest in a gas or kerosene fridge, so that’s what i’m gonna do..

  2. Hey! This is fascinating! I am definitely going to be Looking into these solar flares. I post videos about psychics on my youtube page. If you could check out this video of my friend giving a psychic reading and let me know what you think I would be very grateful. If you like it please subscribe http://youtu.be/qW_fG0A7U2k

  3. Hello Fefe, I’m very happy to see you:) I wanted to share this dream my daughter had this morning. She woke from the worst dream she ever had. It was so bad she woke up with tears in her eyes. She saw a vision of Yellowstone erupting and a few seconds after seeing it across the country, she burned and was gone. She was with her grandmother and the house felt like it was moving and sliding like a car was driving it away from the foundation, and then an earthquake was pushing the house down the hill and she was trying to hang on to her grandmother and a couch for stability. Then she screamed something about the super volcano because there was a tower of white blowing up out of the earth thousands of miles away like a nuclear explosion outside the windows. Seconds later, her body was burning so hot and fast that she didn’t feel it and she was disappearing before she even knew she was dying. She tried to say “I love you” to her grandmother and lost consciousness. She then woke up terrified because she thought she was really dead. What was even scarier is the phone clock time showed 11:11 when she woke up. Thank you for the opportunity to share here at knowitnext and be safe. Peace, love and light to the world always.❤ Earthangel

    • That sounds very terrible. Are u from Ktn? I am sorry your daughter had that dream. It’s hard to see your kids upset. Fefe is my daughter n I hate when she had nightmares. Thanks for saying it though. Janice will be posting soon. I can’t say i really tap into earthquakes that much. I do get the creepers thinking of the San Andreas fault but it’s just feelings so far.

  4. Lol, no apology necessary, Fefe. I’m glad to hear you’re having an enjoyable Father’s Day:-) I’ve been energy sensitive to earthquakes and tsunami for many years. I’ve been watching the San Andreas Fault, Cascadia Subduction Zone and Ring of Fire. I’ve had visions of substantial earthquake damage and 200-300 foot tsunami off the west coast. Looking forward to seeing Janice:-) Peace, love and light to the world.❤

  5. Hi Earthagel, The 11.11 thing is staring again with me as well. I’ve been seeing it on the clock every time i look at it. Also have been seeing it on number plates on cars as i’m driving. I’m now looking at the top of my laptop and it says comment 111 lol.

  6. Hi Soulconnection, I have been seeing 11:11 frequently too and I saw a license plate with the word “LIGHT” today. Many messages have been coming through.
    It’s a common belief that angels and guides are seeking to get your attention or there’s a specific message or meaning when 11:11 appears. Seeing 11:11 may mean increased awareness so pay attention to what you were thinking, and what is happening around you. 11:11 can be a reminder that your thoughts are manifesting so stay positive.  Your angels and guides may be reaching out to you and you can begin to feel and experience their presence when your angels and guides are near. Seeing 11:11 is often said to be a doorway between realms and signifies that your angels and guides are trying to contact you. Seeing 11:11 is a reminder that you are one with all life and all that is. The past, present and future are all simultaneously interwoven now, and 11:11 reminds us of this Divine interconnectedness of the One life force energy flowing throughout everything. Peace, love and light to the world.❤

    • awwww thankyou earth angel xx I totally agree with you.. it also means that your twin flame is connected with you weather or not your together in this life. ATM I’ve gone through the difficult ascension faze, and my awareness has increased.. I’m starting to hear very loud noises through the veil, like crashing sounds, and very loud banging sounds. I think it’s the dimensions starting to come together as we ascend to the 5th dimension. It’s very exciting. I get a fright sometimes, coz i don’t expect it, but i know it’s ok.. Yes i agree about spirit wanting my attention, and believe me i am listening 🙂 Thanks sweetie for your reply xox.

  7. Thank you Fefe and Soulconnection. Yes, this is a very exiting time and I feel very honored and privileged to be present at this time. I look forward to reading your posts and thank you for sharing:) Peace, love and light to the world.❤ ~Earthangel xoxo

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