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Today I want to take a moment to fully explain a repeating dream I have had since childhood.  I mentioned this before in bits and pieces but never fully explained it.  In my dream I sometimes start off flying in the sky and end up near a big glass house in a beautiful room with a big red leather chair like the one above.  Sometimes I am just suddenly in the chair.  On either side of me are these monk like figures.  There are monk like figures are all around this place, a lot of them engaged in artistic type endeavors or reading in the huge old pretty library.  The monks wear different colored robes: brown, black, red and a few that are white.  I can’t see their faces because the hoods mostly cover them but the colors signify what sort of entity they are.  The ones that are with me most often the brown robes.  I am always sitting in the chair and they are standing on either side of me.  They wave their hands and photos flash in front of me.  The photos sometimes move quickly and sometimes slowly.  Sometimes the photos are like 5 second movies or gifs, sometimes they bounce around in perspective, sometimes they have sensations with them (one or all- like smells or tastes or feelings of some kind) and sometimes they are words that resound from inside my ear.  I presume this is those monk type people teaching me something.  They stop of photos and repeat these proverb type sayings.  The dream always repeats but the photos and messages repeat several times and then change to the next lesson.  These lessons can be private for me or about people in my life or things that appear to be more public.  Sometimes they say to tell someone or people which is often part of my predictions.  Sometimes the message doesn’t make any sense to me or seems confusing or unlikely so I look for conformation in news stories or life.  Sometimes the messages seem so darn obvious.  Here was last night’s repeating message from the red chair: “Things are often not how they appear; images deceive.  You have to ask the right questions.  Keep looking.”  xxx Love, Fefelove



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    • I looked a bit at your page but was very busy lately…summer is crazy time and I hv been remembering n posting so much to our blog. Takes a lot of time. I will get around to focusing more on yours.

  2. Fefelove. You are dreaming a past life of yours (who is sitting in the chair) The 2 on your side are your Guardians of each life you have lived and will live. The other monks doing designs and art, are the Progress of man through the Generations. The Main thing about your Dream, is the Messages. That’s all that is really important to know.

    • Thank you. I find him fascinating. Well did u know of the stories about him that he had a virgin birth? I think that was alien intervention. Maybe I hv something weird in my DNA from being related to royals on two sides…Belarus and Finland. We traced our family DNA to kings. In Belarus my family was slaughtered when the Czar fell. Idk it’s just a wacky theory. The women in my family often hv dreams n premonitions. I was taught to embrace it. I think more people can do it but our society teaches us not to listen and poisons our pineal glands. Maybe mine survived bc it’s abnormal. I don’t think I am like him exactly but maybe we r just two examples of people who think outside the box. Idk that’s sweet of u 2 say but then I am just a nerd u know trying to help n relating my thoughts, dreams, observations as honestly n openly as I can. At least on our blog we can avoid meanies n judgemental a n psyops. 🙂 x

      • Yes, that’s right. these blogs avoid meanies and judgemental people. I sent you an email to your real email explaining a lot of me. I like people who are not afraid to share what they know, predictions and stuff. People find me weird, because I always end up talking about Paranormal things and dreams, and if They don’t have that-they then think that we are weird. I don’t care what they think. I do know that A lot of my relatives-are closed off to preminitions, and I hear tell- You can ask God to take the Gift away. I will never ask that of God. I actually would like to know more, so I could help Law enforcement to find missing people and murders. That is just me. But, you have a Great Gift.. keep Sharing it, it will help someone out there, even if you never know it. =)

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