Third Party and Dark Horse Candidates

I mentioned this with one of my last posts on Know the Next and I feel it’s important to elaborate my thoughts:

Eric Cantor

The story of Eric Cantor’s defeat in his Tuesday primary has been a shock to the beltway media. Many did not expect this to occur, but I knew this was to be the case. As I mentioned towards the end of last year, the entire political establishment should have expected major upsets going into the midterm election. The public is tired of incompetency and this win by David Brat is more of a testament to this truth rather than his to own professional credentials. It’s important to mention because this is far from the last surprise election result coming this year.


In addition to more shockers in upcoming senate and congressional races, the election to keep an eye on the most is the upcoming New York governor’s race. This is where, I believe, that a third party candidate victory will make its first appearance. Ever since his aggressive campaign to win the endorsement of the Working Families party in late May, bitter anger by both conservatives and liberals has been brewing at incumbent Andrew Cuomo. Though his Republican challenger Rob Astorino may like to capitalize on this frustration to his own benefit, voters will soon learn how similar the two men really are. The voters will be seeking a real alternative to the status quo and some believe they may have already found one in Working Families supporter and primary challenger Zephyr Teachout. However, she will soon be bought off by Cuomo as others have been before her. This will see one legitimate candidate left in the race and I believe he will be the one who will claim victorious over Cuomo and Astorino by the November rolls around.


The Green Party’s Howie Hawkins is making his twenty first attempt at public office last year. In his previous attempt at governor in November 2010, he was able secure a spot for his party in future elections by securing over 59,000 votes. This came in a very crowded race with about seven other contenders for the job. This time, he will stand alone against both Cuomo and Astorino. In addition, the world has changed drastically since his last run. With the rise and fall of Occupy Wall Street along with several other major progressive splinters in other sectors of the political realm, the time is ripe for a contender like Hawkins to strike. Though he will only serve one term in office, the move will be monumental and will sufficiently scare the elite’s into making several reformations in favor of the public. Nothing will scare the elite more than to see the system they devised strike itself back at them.


Speaking of the elite, Katy Perry’s Dark Horse was supposed to be used as a beneficiary to them, but it seems that the complete opposite has been the case instead. Although her song is Satanic in origin, what it may have accidentally unleashed, to the elite’s dismay, is the dark horse of power that will benefit the underdog in future elections. By the fall of this year, many others will go the way of Eric Cantor and become David Brat’s themselves, more than just who I mentioned above. 😉