Psychic Prediction: Rebellion in the Troops



I keep predicting about this but that is because it keeps playing in my head.  I mentioned there is a rebellion starting among all varieties of the troops.  I feel the anger over unjust orders and waves of united non-compliance.  This great anger is coming and as the anger is from the troops is growing the unjust orders are becoming more obvious.  I predicted this before the recent events in Baghdad but those events are highlighing and inflaming the unjust orders.  The many good people in service to the USA took oaths to defend liberty, uphold justice and are heroes trying to serve and protect good things.  They are angry and uninterested in unjust wars, the drug cartels and feel they are being taken advantage of completely and like our country sees their lives as worthless.  There is a mass awakening and organizing.  This is wonderful news because it is happening ahead of the NWO desires to make a civil war in the USA and pit the troops against the police.  Likewise the police are aware of this plan and I see the NWO getting desperate, they know they are failing so they will pull out the big cards.  The answer is unity, the Constitution and Oath Keeping.  They will bring the givers of unjust orders to justice.   The attacks on veterans will persist which only serves to wake them up more and make everyone more angry.  The NWO has gotten to greedy and open with their plans, their injustice- its like its all going hot.  I pray for the people who are spearheading the Oath Keeping movement (thats what I see) and the whistleblowers because these people are radical heroes.  Their stories are often unsung but I see some of them will be notable historical figures later as this story is remembered.  Their selfless honor is priceless and they will improve the lives of so many.  They are fighting true evil and need our prayers.  Love! Fefelove



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