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This is a prediction mixed with musings on life and humanity.  People on knowthenext often asked me about my thinking patterns; now that we are in a blog format I can ramble enough to clarify a few things about my visions/dreams so that people can understand my mindset or where my thoughts are coming from sometimes.  Here are a few ideas that I have based on my dreams/photos in my mind as well as my studies.   Yes the above photo is me.  My father took this photo the day of my grandmother’s funeral.  I thought it expressed my feelings for that week.  I know some of my friends I invited to this blog will not agree with my ideas but I respect a variety of thinking because I feel we are all where we should be in the moment and perfect right now.


Time: If you study the varied cultural perceptions of the passing of time you will find that each era has its own notions about time.  I personally find the study of time to be fascinating.  Ancients saw time more like a ball of yarn being unravelled.  Then notions of time shifted to a time line; the concept of time we are taught in school where we are at a present point and there are points on the past and points in the future.  My experience of time in my head is that in the future we will understand time as one.  Present and past notions of time are wrong.  Time is more like a circle- the beginning is the end and everything is one.  Buddhists and some advanced scientists are already understanding this more realistic notion of time.  However, it is very difficult to understand because our experience is slightly different at times than the big picture, of course.  I think time being one explains part of what people experience as ‘psychic.’  Also, we create our world with our minds and this seems to effect time/ different time frames or modes of existence.  

Civilizations: I believe the big secret is that we came from the future, we are the past.  The questions to ask are: how old are we really?  Where did we come from?  What are we really made of?  What is the universe really consisting of?  I got stuck on how seriously Plato takes the lost city of Atlantis.  Atlantis is a great example of a how we as entities evolved and destroyed ourselves in our recent memories.  I also think it is curious that there are so many lost libraries and archeological discoveries of things people can’t explain like modern day watches found sealed in ancient tombs (suggestive of time travel) and bodies of ancient/advanced cultures that contain alternative/unknown DNA (not human).  Who are the talking snakes in ancient myths?  Did people at some point have extended life spans?  There are a multiplicity of awesome questions I could posit here but will stop with those.   I don’t think evolution explains our origins but science/Mitochondrial DNA suggest more like genetic manipulation.   I think this proves creation, in fact.  So what I think is that prehistoric humanity wasn’t the beginning just the beginning of this cycle in a variety of cycles on a variety of planets.  We have repeated the same dumb errors over and over.  We find ourselves near the end of a cycle and humanity on earth will shift soon into the next stage (I will explain what I see of this shift).  I think all the mythos in religious writing and ancient cultures give clues to alien type intervention (whatever you call them, inter dimensional entities or what not).  But they are us, in another form and we are them because we share a common story and DNA like races of people on earth.  FYI I do believe in God and creation and even Jesus- I just have a more philosophical view like Aristotle’s unmoved mover/ God is Existence itself/ the Logos.  I am not writing my religious views in this blog right now.  People always get their panties in such a wad when you start to discuss religion.

The shift: I think it is kind of hilarious when new agers go on about some kind of ‘vibrational shift whereby, in my mind, I think (but I don’t know) that they are visualizing some kind of chakra vibrational change….idk.  I think the shift that humanity has reached is the dawn of a radically new age, past Post Modern, where the lines between biology and technology are not blurred.  I personally wonder if things like race memory or genetic triggers inside us are not already linked to some kind of computer program of the universe.  See this article.  It makes logical sense to me if we came from somewhere we end in the same place because time is one.  It is very hard to explain what humanity is like when the lines between biology and technology are not defined like they are now.  I am not sure how popular my predictions about the future technology were on knowthenext but, honestly, these were my personally favorite predictions and dream experiences.  I can’t express how interesting some of these experiences are.  First, the senses/sensation are different- I think some of it is haptic technology but its like colors have a taste and a sound and a feeling.  The word can change colors from thought, or your perceptions change the colors.  Houses can grow like plants and they interact with us as if we are part of it and as if they are living and we can interact with them in our minds.  And we can create things from thinking as if our minds are 3d printers.  Sex is different also, like you merge with the other in a new way that is far more intimate.  Also, we can create our bodies and inhabit different ones- we can mix our DNA with whatever we want and be hybrids of animals and humans and other things mixed with technology such that we seem to have superpowers.  The limits for human existence and the normal aliments are no longer upon us.  We have reached this shift before and the reason for all the NWO darkness right now is that the nasty entities of the universe hope to use this shift for their advantage to take over and conquer and kill and cause pain and enslave because they eat energy directly and they love negative energy.  In my dreams I am told that they don’t achieve their goals this time around.  Technology/knowledge/science are supposed to be used to empower and liberate not enslave.  I don’t see that we will end either, we are eternal.

Reincarnation:  I encourage people to do past life meditations because the knowledge of whom you are in inside you, in your DNA, in your mind.  I didn’t believe in reincarnation as a college undergrad because I used to be more traditional in my thinking, though I did always have an affection for Plato.  So one evening, when I was in grad school the second time around, I did a series of meditations just for fun and my mind was flooded with memories. I was convinced I remembered my past lives and what happens in-between.  At first what I was writing made no sense to me because I had never in this life heard of whom I was in my most recent past life but suddenly I knew all these dates and places and names.  I wrote pages with details, dates, names, places, books.  I am not going into details here but I am convinced in my past life that I was Mary Alicia Owen.  See here.  In most other incarnations I was a monk, usually Christian but sometimes Buddhist.  I think we have soul families which evolve together.  I think our souls are not really male or female but we have a particular tendency to be more one than the other based on how many reincarnations as one gender we have had.  For example, I was usually a male so even now I have more of a man personality.  I think we maintain our basic personality traits/interests/knowledge and evolve throughout time.  Also, since childhood I had dreams where I was sitting in this big red chair looking at moving photos with people discussing them.  They get a particular theme, often about weather or not I made the right loving choice, and repeat certain words and phrases associated with these moving photos.  Often the photos get stuck on some tiny moment that seems insignificant but they think it is very significant.  I still get these dreams and often I am flying in the air then in some place with a hall of records and this red chair and people doing all sorts of artistic things and sometimes I visit with people I know who died or occasionally I visited with babies I later had.  I found a really good website which explains a lot of my experiences/memories, see here.   Anyway, the great lesson I seemed to learn in this life is about pain.  I kept asking in my dreams about the problem of evil, innocent suffering….etc.  I have seen enough of it in this life to last forever.  So the answer I kept getting, until I finally understood it, was that pain is part of a plan and we create the plan.  We have a life contract and we accept this pain in order to evolve, we plan it, agree to it and create it for ourselves.  Funny, because I made peace with this notion but still sometimes I think man alive, couldn’t I come up with a better plan?  lol.  I also learned in this life that you don’t live in the past or future, you focus on love right now, every day.  I also learned something that seems like any idiot could figure it out but my major ‘DUHH’ moment for this life is this realization: the people in your life should bring you joy and not misery.  If your encounters with someone are miserable, move away from them and get them out of your life because only a fool expects satisfaction from an encounter with someone who is known to bring unhappiness.  That is to say don’t expect something good to come out of someone bad, even revenge will be so unsatisfying.  If you throw a coal, you get burned holding it.  Better to not waste your time holding onto coals.  I hope these musings are helpful to whomever they are supposed to reach.  Below is a photo of Mary Alicia Owen.  🙂 Much love, Fefelove xx


Mary Alicia Owen




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  1. Haha…I contemplate on such ridiculous things.Also with the reincarnation thing.I think you implied that i was “royalty” when you told me about my past life?…I might be wrong.

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