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I just woke up from a very strange dream.  I wouldn’t have posted this as Fefelove on Knowthenext.com but since I am here in a more free environment now I am going to post it.  I know not every dream humans have is psychic but some people might find this interesting.  I think it’s a warning, at least to me personally.  I was traveling in the future and the hotel I was staying at had some interactive technology that we do not have operating today.  The hotel was very big and beautiful.  They said that if we needed help they had ‘interactive mirrors’ in every room.  There were mirrors on every wall from floor to ceiling.  The mirrors were computers but looked like mirrors.  As I was standing there getting ready the mirror in front of me turned into a computer and there was a lady inside and I was clearly stark naked on the screen.  Now, personally I am very shy and have body issues- I am horrified by the thought of being naked and most people looking.  I am not someone who would ever be able to run around at a nude beach or something, lets just say.  She said a welcome to me and started telling me about the composition of my body- like a an analysis of nutrients and health and printed a plan with some kind of pills (were they vitamins?) and what I needed to do today to maintain health, how many calories I should eat, and even what sort of clothes would be flattering and I would like (recommendations for shopping nearby, like a tailored commercial).  Then all of a sudden I realized all these people knew all this stuff about me- personal, intimate, private things I didn’t even fully know.  I felt uncomfortable, I saw them in my head- so many people in my private business.  I told the lady in the mirror I needed to take a nap and she said I wasn’t scheduled to sleep in any of the beds- I had to sleep in the trundle under the bed.  I pulled it out and it looked like a coffin bed- like the photo I inserted at the top of this blog.  The coffin bed was very dusty and gross.  I was very cold so I looked for a blanket (there wasn’t one on the coffin bed).  In the next room I found this beautiful quilt that had pictures about the Civil War here in the USA (the upcoming one).  Each square of the quilt had a scene of what happened.  I was trying to look but some man was trying to take it away, saying it was illegal to have this quilt and I was forbidden to see it.  I saw in the quilt that Texas had been a major player in the war, there had been much death and destruction and many celebrated heroes, like Trixie said- I saw some kind of protest.  Also I got stuck on one piece of the quilt that said someone important came from Florida to Texas.  The quilt was a ‘hero’ quilt as I understood in my dream (Never heard of this, is this a thing?).  The man was trying to put holes in the quilt and said- if you have that quilt you will get to sleep in the bigger bed, it changes history.  I woke up….I think the meaning of this dream is obvious.  In summary, there is technology in the future that has started now which can be very invasive monitoring at worst, or very helpful for health and wellbeing and life at best.  The technology is neutral but it depends upon who is in control, how the technology is used- is it used to liberate or enslave?  I believe technology should liberate and be helpful to life and love.  Obviously some people want to use technology in an agenda of death and people like me who speak out are slated for the coffin bed not the life bed.  They wish to stop the heroes for humanity/liberation/human rights that will rise to fight the tyranny and socialist enslavement program.  However, as I saw it, it was a beautiful picture that humanity creates.  I think that is hopeful- blankets bring warmth.  I personally love quilts and sleep with two old homemade ones.  They are unique and reflect the personalities of the sewers.  So heroes are going to sew a new picture for humanity and bring comfort.  The powers that be are aware of the possibility their plans will fail and are upset.  Much Love!!! Fefelove x


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  1. That’s creepy.Interactive mirrors spying on you and telling you what to do with yourself.Perhaps this hotel you speak of is actually a place where they will hold particular people captive in the future. Like some sort of, what would seem to be, a “luxurious” concentration hotel for gifted people, but is really place to keep us completely monitored and controlled.

      • Yes, sometimes the words trigger the ideas.Even a simple word could make everything else make sense.

  2. That quilt you mentioned reminds me of one of an episode in that cartoon called “courage the cowardly dog” where these two old grannies quilted courage’s owners into the quilt of collected people.

  3. Two thoughts:

    1) The “hero” from Florida may be John Titor. Google him, it’s a fascinating story.

    2) This sounds like a plot line of the 1984 novel. Fortunately, the “hero’s quilt,” the one you aren’t supposed to see, represents a rebellion that may succeed. Even if the elite put it down temporarily, it cannot be subdued forever. Eventually, we will win against darkness, for this I am entirely sure.

    Hope this insight is helpful. 🙂

  4. This is all very interestingl. I heard of Titor but I thought that was debunked? Fefe- your dream was creepy. I read 1984 in High School when I was 14 or 15. (this was back in 1972 or 73) I enjoyed the book but kept saying – “Oh thank GOD that will never happen here, in the USA to ME!” I am ASTOUNDED at the ridiculous garbage I am witnessing right now. It scares the hell out of me. GEORGE ORWELL WAS A VISIONARY!! Where did he get his information? He wrote the book either in the 40’s or 50’s I believe. NOW THEY HAVE PROBABLY BANNED IT IN SCHOOLS. Of couse, as I read it I kept saying “I could’nt live like that! I will have to be one of the rebels!” I was 15 then …I am 55 now- some things will never change! : )

  5. When I have time I will post in the “author section” about this VERY REAL dream I had where I was in a re-education camp! I woke up before the end and was really mad. It could would have made a great TV or Film Screenplay

    • Just edit your post. Go to dashboard and posts and edit posts. I wouldn’t worry 2 much about it- This is a blog for sharing thoughts not an academic site for articles. I can’t spell to save my life and I type very fast too…..

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