The Start of the Second American Civil War


I know Fefe has made mention to this truth a bunch, as have I, and what makes this eery is how much of this is coming to fruition as we speak. With the recent European Union elections in favor of nationalist representatives and the pushback to further tyranny here in the United States, my fears are being realized on a constant basis. I wanted to point out an event that could happen in July or August that would become the tipping point towards full on civil war.

A summer rally in Washington DC shocks lawmakers as nine hundred thousand people gather in the city to protest the various abuses of government officials. This shocks the nation as previous attempts at this kind of unity have previously failed and such a number will not have been expected by anyone in power. These protests and sit-ins will last for over a month before violent de-occupation occurs by the powers that be. Once this happens, a full on civil war will be declared by various militia groups across the country.

We are at the very tipping point of destruction. One last rally for peace that’s burned in flames will be the last time reform will come through non-violent means. This is both of a warning to those in power and a likely certainty at this point in time with levelheadedness being a thing relegated to our long off distant past. Not a pretty future to behold.


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  1. Yes guys i agree.. The same thing is about to happen here in OZ, with butt head abbot, and the upheaval with the budget. This country is in absolute turmoil. The people are after blood with him and our treasurer Jo hockey. Something is gonna blow real soon. It will be the start of the first Australian civil war, unless the governor general steps in and dismisses him, which is what everyone in this country is pushing to happen. The PTB has a strangle hold on us now, but we are going to fight like hell to get rid of the both of them. Abbot has totally embarrassed this once stable beautiful young country.. I had to laugh tho at that video of Abbott from the program last week tonight ( i think that’s what it was called) it was hilarious!. I’ll find the link and post it, but you’ve probably already seen it..

    1. Australia has an interesting set of events for 2015, but civil war (at least of a major conflict kind) is unlikely. The most important thing I must note is to be wary of your rainfall. For the next forty years, I foresee torrential downpours and tsunamis plaguing the entire continent of Australia. Please consider moving to the south shore (I got that message from the spirit world), for that will be safer when all is said and done. Hope this helps. šŸ™‚

      1. Oh thanks liam i hope your right about there not being a civil war, but atm it looks like it’s going that way, unless the budget gets blocked, which we are all hoping will happen. Then everyone will settle down, and you will be right!.. I agree with you tho on the rainfall water situation, i have already planned and made arrangements to move inland to my cousin in the country, some years back, as i remembered that event from the other side. She lives 40,000 ft above sea level. I live on the east coast, and am just trying to figure out where the south shore would be?. Could you look on a map of OZ for me and tell where that is, as i can’t actually read a map coz of my dyslexia,which was caused from the slight brain damage i have from my NDE. Thanks again for your reply and your insight.. it’s much appreciated. I would also like to apologize to you if i was a cranky pants on knowthenext. That site was so negative, it really change me for the worst. I’m not normally like that at all. So I’m taking the opportunity now to offer my hand in friendship an hope we can put that horrible experience on knowthenext behind us ;).. thanks again liam xx

      2. The south shore appears to be Melbourne, but don’t take my word for it as the absolute truth. Follow your suggestion of moving near your cousin and you should be fine. The closer to family you are, the better.

  2. Oh My Soul Connect! I am so OBSESSED and worried about my own country..I had no idea Australia was in turmoil! I am friends with Australian Tea Part on FB , however and they positively are in solidarity with American Patriots. I feel bad for you because YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY and HATE TO SEE IT RUINED BY ASSES!! I cannot open your link on this computer..but will try very hard to open in at home. (IF I can get it charged…that is another story..I lost my cell phone, neither of my chargers work, my glasses broke and my satellite TV is on the blink- and no $$$ til next pay day. ! LOL.!!..stupid problems but they do make you feel out of the loop. I look forward to learning more about what is going on in your country. God Bles you.

  3. Hi trixie, yep our country is in turmoil. Our prime-minister Tony dumb dumb Abbott, has introduced a budget that has turned this country on it’s head.He has privatized universities, and increased interest rates on university fees by more than 60%.. Which means if the students loan was say $120,000 they would now have to pay back $500,000 coz of the interest rate and the gst. If the students can’t pay back the loan before they die, then it will come out of their estates, or the next living relative has to repay the loan or go to jail. The ass has cut all welfare to the unemployed ppl of this country, and they can’t get any assistance what so ever, while they are trying to get a job, Many are committing suicide, or contemplating it. They are cutting welfare to the disabled and aged pensioners and are forcing them to get jobs of which their aren’t any. They have sacked 3/4 of the public service, and put more than 2 million people out of work, and it goes on and on. To boot tony Abbott is the most hated prime-minister in the world, and today he pissed off the Arab’s by saying something stupid as usual, so they have threatened to cut all import and export to our country if he doesn’t apologize. He’s also raised the retirement age to 70, and is not letting anyone access their superannuation at retirement, coz he says the government needs their money to get out of debt. (superannuation is similar to your retirement plans.) People pay into it throughout their working life to live on when they retire. Honestly, there is so much upheaval, it’s unbelievable what he has done to us. He’s now pissed off overseas and is running away from us, coz wer’e after blood. He’s visiting Obama and telling him that he works too hard. He gave him a surf board and told him to go to the beach!.. what a wanker! lol..We are fighting like hell to get him out of power, and the powers that be are using every trick in the book against us to stop it. It’s a complete disaster. I know we are going to beat them coz we are the kind of people that just don’t take crap from anyone. I’m sorry things are going wrong for you atm with your tv and everything else,. :(( hang in there mate, it’ll come right for you. Thankyou for your concern about Australia..xox

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