Prediction about Civil War in the USA

I made this prediction when Obama was reelected and want to update it now here.  As I warned, Obama will pass an executive order that really stands against liberty and the Constitution and is apart of the NWO Hitlarian plan which they want to trigger a Civil War.  My disclaimer is that the people on this blog do not want a war and are non-violent.  We are hoping to stop any violence and spread freedom which is why we post.   Here it is, a gun ban executive order plan.  So the plan to disarm the Americans is this: 1. dry up the ammo supply and place restrictions on ammo sales/production, 2. make a registry list so they can go after gun owners, 3. false flags to persecute gun owners (Like Sandy Hook and all the mass shootings which are just part of the plan to take away guns), 4. brainwash people against guns in the media, 5. brainwash kids in school against guns, 6. go after any gun symbol like toy guns or toaster pastries that look like guns because they want to cause crazy fear with the subject of guns, 7. go after gun owners, gun manufactures and gun stores any legal way possible like by using the IRS to shut them down or regulations, 8. Ban the materials to make guns/bullets, 9. go after speaking about guns, 10. use the health programs/ doctors to declare people who like guns have mental disorders and ban mental disorder people from owning guns, 10. declare veterans mentally disabled and take away their ability to own guns, 11. go after any media personality who encourages the second amendment, 12. psyops on every internet site trying to make it look like the majority of people want a gun ban, 13. let in the immigrants that don’t believe in guns to vote to take the guns, 14. movies/tv/news that highlights gun violence and distorts the facts that guns save lives and its more likely you would die from eating popcorn then guns and gun violence is down since the 80’s, 14. a series of executive actions that ban one type of gun after the next, 15.  movies/tv/news that makes gun owners all look like they are nuts and ready to snap and everyone in the world hates them and wants a gun ban, 16. Begin taking guns from people as tests in certain areas they think they will have success then spread and get more aggressive about it.  17.  Persecute any group that is pro-guns and bad images of guns like even on t-shirts.

There is more but I want to point out this is a really well thought out plan that is so pervasive and includes such a multiplicity of ways to attack and undermine the Second Amendment.  They will try to take down the entire Constitution and this is only a part of it.  They want to roll out martial law and have all the supplies in place.  They are drilling for gun bans.

What is happening is this: 1. people are awakening, 2. the citizens are arming, 3. the troops are organizing and awakening, 4. the police are organizing and awakening, 5. Oath Keepers is making plans, 6. militias are making plans , 7. states like Texas are making plans, 8. good people are speaking out and whistleblowers are making a difference

What I see happening in my dreams and visions: 1. they will keep up their plan as I detailed above, 2. they will do a series of executive orders and false flags which they do but blame on gun owners, veterans, Tea Party People, liberty lovers, lovers of the Constitution….etc, 3. they will stage some event and hope to engage the police against the troops so they both take each other out, 4. they spice the pot with race division (divide and conquer), 5. they might nuke a major city as Obama keeps warning will happen if they feel they are losing in their agenda, 6. They might use weather war to make it hard for people, 7. they might use a bioweapon; for example, inside food they supply during a power interruption that they caused.  The bioweapon will be secret and just look like a disease.  I think they might even offer some vaccine that is a bioweapon, 8. they will take out the major vocal people who are against their NWO agenda amid another event, 9.  They will roll out the drones, 10. They will take people to camps, 11. They hope to drag this out for a long long while, 12. good news: even though some areas have civil war Texas leads the resistance and takes some states with them possibly, 13. Their plan fails and this goes down in history like a Hitlarian nightmare; the NWO people are rooted out and made accountable, 14. The future is going to be amazing and bright and we get past this terrible stage and more to a more enlightened state of living longer with amazing technology.  We had to get past this to learn to be the way we are in the future.  This isn’t a new story, it has happened before.  More about my visions of technology as they come into my dreams.  Please just prepare yourself in every way possible and have faith in the goodness of humanity conquering the bad people who are trying to take away our humanity to enslave us in their depopulation agenda 21 evil plot of Satan.