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Last night I had a dream and I saw the word “Pontil.’ on a medicine bottle.  Someone said to me “Pontil medicine is very bad, don’t take it and tell people not to take it.”  I clearly looked at the word PONTIL.  So I woke up and googled it and found out that Pontil was a medicine company from pre-civil war times, click HERE to see my link.  I wonder, is this a past life memory of some kind?  I promise I have never heard of these antique medicine bottles.  Is this company still producing medicines?  Will they produce medicines in the future?  Perhaps if they do you should be on the look out and avoid their products. The photos I posted here are examples I found online of these old collectible Pontil medicine bottles which I have never in this life thought about for a second or heard of until my dream.   Love from Fefelove!



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  1. Consumption of these medicines killed millions in the 19th century.A cure that makes you even more sick.They even made cures for the cure, which was also deadly.Definitely unreliable, no doubt about it.The bottles remind me of witch potions, or probably because witches used those same bottles.

  2. Amazing dream! Thanks so much for sharing. Could you try looking to qualities of the medicine or components of the medicine? Maybe someone in the biochem field needs this information and you will encounter that person sometime soon.
    The message is now out and it will get to the exact person who needs it. This could be saving many lives. Thank you.

    • Thank you Niall. I hope so! This is the first I have dreamed this and it came from left field you know….I will update it if I dream it again or see anything in my mental photos that show up sometimes. I don’t use any divination tools. I have an enlarged Pineal gland (3x the size) and have always had dreams and photos in my head….What comes along into my brain sometimes repeats and sometimes doesn’t. I made this blog because I often get some message that I should tell people these things but I don’t even always know exactly what it means, you know? I do the best I can reporting….

  3. Yeah like the movie ‘Road To Wellville” about Steven Kellog. You can watch it free on Utube. Its very funny. Alcohol addiction is cured by Opium and Opium addiction is cured by Alcohol. Also Coke the soda used to have Coke in it….those were the days I guess. The war on drugs is so stupid, just enables the drug cartels to gain control and make so much more money on their drug traffic control. I don’t do any drugs but they should all be legal. The Big Pharma ones are the dangerous ones….

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